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me & my morning coffee, a true love story
all I ever wanted, all Ill ever need the two halves of heart
when people say I dont wear enough colour
randomly decided to film doing my makeup since I was going out, and I realized how much I truly missed it theres something so calming about listening to your favourite music and doing your makeup, especially those days when you dont feel like it. tried some new makeup from my #SephoraRouge order...
islamabad will always have a piece of my heart
my toxic trait is me thinking I cant do any house work that requires my hands until my nails are perfect also; forever a neutral nail girl
Last night in Calgary with my sis, and this was on the top of her list. Probably the best steak Ive ever had in a longgggg time, 10/10. @themajortombar
somehow booking a flight and catching a plane makes it all better
i love watching content like this so decided to try and create it myself Who wants an in depth tutorial?
And we are LIVE! cant wait to see the @theagency6ix team doing what it does best! #amazonprime #theagencyre #theagencysix