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This is still one of my favorite distressing finishes Trent has completed from a few years back. Limewashing season will be here before you know it and we're already filling spots. Shoot me a DM if you are interested in us help transform your home's exterior!
What do you do with your teen on a snow day? We chose to hang his Christmas present.Our highschooler has recently become a vinyl record lover and wanted a way to display his favorite albums on his wall.So these acrylic shelves are the perfect fix for him!Theyre super simple to install and theyre ...
We are taking the leap into the unknown! Today marks the end of one chapter and the beginning of an exciting new(ish) one. After almost 5 years at an incredible company, Im bidding farewell to my job and going all in to pursue our own business ventures! Trent and I have owned and operated our 3 s...
Happy Saturday from the Fanchers!We are getting a late start to our morning after a late night gig performing for a surprise birthday party. Both the boys are home and we cannot wait to soak up a week of family time. But first, a quiet morning waking up to a fresh cuppa and some twinkly lights wh...
I dont have my Christmas decor set out yet, but a new Christmas tree arrived this week! And I couldnt wait to set it up. I asked you all for some help and your suggestions were the perfect solution! Turning my tree collar into a Christmas basket was such a great suggestion! It makes me thankful t...
Revisiting a painting project Trent completed a few years back with repainting the stairs. We get asked often if you can use @romabiopaints Classico Limewash on steps. Yes you can! But its not recommended. Remember, Classico Limewash is meant to weather and age to create that gorgeous patina. So ...
2 years ago, we started our basement renovation.We couldnt wait to finally have a space that Trent and I and our 2 tall boys could enjoy. And this time last year, the basement was a goal that Trent couldnt wait to work toward navigating those stairs after open heart surgery. And now, its where Tr...
Create a home with intention that you love. Thats what this years life lessons have taught us. I found myself following the trends and ultimately ended up not loving the space I created. Life is too short to not surround yourself with thing you love and that speak to you.I went searching for vint...
If you watch the video closely, youll see our deconstructed kitchen in the background. The DIY renovation process is something is absolutely love, but its something that takes time.Especially if renovating your home isnt your full time job. And living in the in between of the before and after isn...
Hermans back!!Today we set out our DIY boarded up windows for Halloween and we had to add our yearly st creepy guy weve affectionately named Herman.This year, we used foam wrapped around scrap wood for the legs and added old buckets for the torso with a creepy mask for the face. And of course hes...
Were not in the business of pleasing everyone. Making everyone happy is completely unattainable. And we get it, limewashed brick isnt for everyone. But well show up again and again for those who absolutely love it! Thank you to those who have liked, commented and saved our videos. We are excited ...
Add and pumpkin and boom!Its instantly Fall! I used to think that the more decor you add, the better.And now Im completely flipping the switch on that thought process. Simplicity is what is speaking to me these days. And just like adding this fabric pumpkin and a pop of orange changes the space,...