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Please consider this when you have a chance to speak up to be an advocate or voice for kids in your community that are often underestimated, categorized and unable to access the basic opportunities your typical child is given. #worthy
Hi friends we Petersons care about you. We feel so humbled that many of you are invested in our family, our advocacy and the journey of a crew with some unique-ness. #nothingdownaboutitLike our life this feed probably looks busy, a little messy and isnt intended for asthetic perfection. But ra...
TWO! Welcome to my journal. Happy birthday to our Fitzy boy. (yesterday )
Its that time of year againSICK SEASON! Fevers, sore throats, and coughing. As usual, Lolleez to the rescue! Lolleez are organic throat soothing pops for kid(and mine love them). Made with clean & organic ingredients, Non-GMO, gluten & dairy free. Created by a mom who wanted some safe and gentle ...
Today is a very special day for these two brothers. In our church, you have the opportunity to be baptized at eight years old. Ames just turned eight last week. When Welles turned eight I didnt feel like he was ready but over the past year he has watched friends get baptized and has been more ab...
Happy 8th birthday to our little NYE baby My Ames this boy has always tugged at my heart in a special way. We have the most connected little relationship and I feel so grateful he is part of our family. Ames has the most tender heart, is trusting, inclusive and thoughtful. He believes and sees th...
Wishing you a Christmas filled with love, peace and joy! #achildisborn Felt ambitious and had Christmas cards made this year only to start addressing and realize I only printed about 1/4 as many as we needed. So heres the card to all of our friends and online family. We love you!
#ad Its a go-go-go life when youve got four kids with a lot of interests! We keep stocked up on these yummy @nutrigrain Bars and make them easily accessible for quick snacks! What is your favorite flavor? We are all about Strawberry over here. #SetYourOwnBar
This was the best surprise new tradition ever. #kodakpluspartner The kids absolutely loved it and so did we! The @kodakplus Flik HD10 is an AWESOME QUALITY, easy-to-use, portable, bluetooth projector that we are thrilled to have! Not only is it perfect for our holiday movie bucket list but it wil...
I hate it when my kids are sick. But its been pretty sweet watching them comfort and take care of each other this week, too. Mama hasnt been feeling great and its times like this that Im so grateful for siblings that are so close. Less energy = less wrestle fighting and more snuggles.
When I first saw this recent picture of my sunshine boy and myself, I thought about the picture from the day he was born the day I spent absolutely sobbing, feeling sad, weak, afraid and concerned about my ability to mother a child with an intellectual disability.Who knew that the differences tha...