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I realize I never really showed the Shego cosplay I put together for this year's MAGFest!_I couldn't find a catsuit that was small enough for me, so I put together a variation on the costume that I thought was fun (although not enough clothing for a snowy day in January). And I made a fireball ou...
Caught in the hazy neon glow of a windswept Megablock1. The wind storms on Kepler-609c are no joke, but a little dirt (in your lungs) is good for you, right? @kuf_spawn captured these awesome photos of a (cold, tired) Left Pocket after a day of intense dust and beyblading at @neotropolisevent las...
More goth-night dress-ups from me to you. (I think I'd make a pretty cool vampire, just saying.)ETA: yes, this is chain from the hardware store I wrapped around myself as an accessory and, yes, it does look cool thanks for noticing.
Self-portrait with (quite a lot of) blue hair.I took this one in between trying to shoot some more stylized fashion photos, but I actually really like how it turned out.
___Harnesses: @malicelingerieLeggings: @blackmilkclothing
Another fun thing I did when I was in LA: went to the @renaissancepleasurefaire ! I love the Ren Faire. And this one is so big and so fun! Hopefully I'll have a chance to go back with an actual costume some time.1. I didn't have a Renaissance Faire costume in my suitcase so I thrift-stored/cut up...
John grabbed these shots of my costume from @neotropolisevent 2024 the day before the windstorm blew everything over and it got too cold to not wear pants. - @officialjohnfawkes__#neotropolis #futurefashion #larpcostume #cyberpunk
Spending a couple of weeks on and off in LA this spring meant I got a chance to hit some goth nights in the city, which I've wanted to do for ages. Here's my best Sith look (or Dark Jedi, if we're getting specific about it) for @dasbunker 's Star Wars night last week on May the 4th. What a fun ev...
I spent 12 days in the cyberpunk future in a crashed supply ship on the barren Kepler-609c (or possibly out in the Mojave desert for @neotropolisevent ) and all I got was this lousy group of incredible lifelong friends.As usual, I forgot to document anything, including the work I put into my sill...
Cyberpunk? More like cyber-hunk, am I right?I just got back from @neotropolisevent and have the future on my mind, so please enjoy this sweet art that the amazing @ewanagain drew. This is such an awesome cyberpunk picture of me and honestly I've never felt more seen. Pew pew. Beep beep. The futur...
Ohhhh my god, I head out to the desert tomorrow to start working on build stuff for @neotropolisevent and I'm SO NOT READY. AHHHHHH.Thanks to @milkand.cereal for these sick photos of some costume bits I tried out at the cyberpunk night at @scumandvillainycantina last week.I'm so dang excited for ...
Hi. ____#outfitinspo #altstyle #androgynousfashion