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Which J-arm do you use? Both the MAX14 and the AX14-Pro have redefined what users expect from a J-arm. Both are available on our website or from one of our trusted dealers!
The NVAT (night vision accessory tool) is a small, easy to store tool that has all the necessary tools to work on our mounts. It also works great as a multi-tool to keep in your pocket or range bag.
Did you know our new thumbscrew works with any 1/4x20 threaded device and has a groove to facilitate tethering? Grab yours from our website!
Each part of every product is individually quality control checked multiple times before and after assembly.
The modularity of the Panobridge allows you to use thermal and night vision at the same time, or independently of each other.
The newly released Quicksave holding an Iray RH25. This is a safe and easy way to keep your thermal ready to use and not risk dropping or losing the device while in the field.
KAC, LMT, Wilcox, Aimoint, Eotech and Noisefighters CliffhangIR. A perfect blend of quality components.
The Noisefighters CliffhangIR offers a heads up shooting position, and enough room for lasers, optics, and anything else you might need.