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Update on right whale Juno and her injured calf: They were seen on February 1 via aerial and vessel surveys approximately 23 miles east of Sapelo Island, Georgia. Researchers observed apparent successful nursing. However, the long-term prognosis for the calf is still considered poor due to the se...
That's it for us! We'll be back next week with lots of Whale Week and Valentine's Day fun. Photo: Playful Antarctic fur seal pup is ready for the weekend. Credit: NOAA Fisheries#Weekend #Seal #TGIF
A sunflower sea star wiggles its toesiessorry, flexes its tube feetas it clings to a rock at low tide in Juneau, Alaska.Sunflower sea stars are one of the largest sea stars in the world: They grow up to 1 meter across, and have up to 20 arms! They were once common along the Pacific Coast of North...
Fish! It's what's for dinner. And we've got lots of recipes! Game day? Holidays? We've got you covered. Whether you're feeling super ambitiousor super lazyin the kitchen, we've got seafood recipes for you. (And we promise, none of them involve cooking fish in the microwave.)Fish and shellfish are...
When it's almost February 14 and they still haven't asked you to be their Valentine Photo: This strawberry hermit crab on Palmyra Atoll is single and sufficient. Credit: Christina Morissette, @noaaresearch photo contest#HermitCrab #Valentines
The Northeast Bottom Trawl Survey, which takes place along the East Coast, recently turned 60 years oldmaking it a time series that's a wealth of standarized data about fisheries and ocean conditions in the Atlantic. It combines seafaring science with hands-on lab work and sophisticated technolog...
Cuteor creepy? Maybe a little bit of both ...? This juvenile red king crab was spotted by one of our staff. It was out for a stroll at low tide in the rocky intertidal zone in Juneau, Alaska. It might be tiny now, but red king crabs can grow to be very largeup to 24 pounds, with a leg span of 5 f...
You might have heard of a school of fish or a pod of dolphinsbut what's the collective noun for jellyfish? According to @merriamwebster it's a ... smack. A smack of jellyfish! Maybe after the sensation you feel when one stings you? Want to learn more about jellyfish? Check out the link in bio t...
Here's a soothing moment to kick off the weekcheck out this aerial view of a kelp forest. Ahhhh ...Kelp forests are among the most productive ecosystems in the world, supporting many fish, invertebrates, and marine mammals. They also help human communities by reducing erosion and damage to proper...
Update: On January 28, state law enforcement officials collected some of the rope that was entangled around, and embedded in, the whales tail. They turned it over to NOAAs Office Law Enforcement. The rope will now be examined by gear experts. Authorized members of the National Marine Mammal Stran...
More than 600 young artists participated in the ESA @ 50 Ocean Art Contest It celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Endangered Species Act and raised awareness about threatened and endangered marine life in the Pacific Islands. From giant manta rays to coral reefs to whales, the budding K12 art...
Wetlands filter our water, protect our coastal communities from floods, and provide habitat for fish and other wildlife. But theyre quickly disappearingat a rate of about 60,000 acres each yeardue to climate change, erosion, and development.Were working hard to protect and restore these valuable ...