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2023 was a fantastic year both professionally and personally. A lot of great range sessions with the homies, meeting a lot of new enthusiasts. In total, we hammered out fourteen public workshops and nine full day sessions in the last year as well as a handful of private ones; a lot of work and co...
Every time I think about selling this traffic scalpel to pursue an rsv4 or panigale, I ride it and I remember why I could never. Sorry. ___@dallas_hyper, I could never. @dallas_hypers ___@power_works_racing @amsducatidallas @upmap @scprojectexhaustofficial @cncracingofficial @hypermotards @motoco...
Its 1/1 and Im sure you have already heard it. Do something that sets the tone for the calendar ahead. Go to the gym. Rewrap your grips. Clean your tools. Change your batteries. Its not just for yourself, homies. ___And to set the tone this year, seek instruction from reputable individuals who ca...
Nothing other than appreciation and support. @sangin.instruments ___RLTW
Been a seeing a weird trend of editing circles over things or blurring out half of the object to hide from the algorithms and not get zucd. Bro, youre on social media, youre already watched, and tagging companies already monitored does the damage. But muh reach. So there, I threw something over i...
When the weather is this nice in December, one is meant to take advantage of it. Looking forward to bikes and coffee all 2024 with the Hyper; 2024 track sessions with the Triumph. ___@amsducatidallas @eurosportcycle @hypermotards @hyperclubmalaysia @power_works_racing @scprojectexhaustofficial @u...
A little early grind for this weekend. Tomorrow will be a busy one on the range with another mobile carbine session on deck. So lets get the grind in early. Whether youre about to get out and start the adventure or you have been out for a bit and settling in. Dont quit and dont settle. Cheers.
Anotha one just for you, cell phone application. From @triarcsystems, with love.___One of the main reasons I dont get too hyped up about being active on here as much as I used to This is just a cell phone application. All the content creation and identity building boils down to very little if you...
Tools in the tool box, or some other over-used phrase. ___Saw the homie @ambrosia_terrebonne post up about the iris setup. Can attest, the adjustable iris setup is immensely useful through a variety of depths and lighting conditions. I went the easy route and picked up the @coldharboursupply iris...
As much as I love the versatility of the 1-8 atacr. We needed more. 4-16 feels more appropriate for this rifles purpose. ___@triarcsystems @nightforce_optics @bobroengineering @atibal_illumination @surefire_llc @triadtactical #triarcsystems #nightforceoptics
Took a big break from the gram game to focus on the work life and comp season. With some time available, one of the locals reached out and wants to get another session of our mobile carbine on the books for November. So, lets get after it. ___Saturday November 11th we will be running through anot...
Gday @theaussiegrind. ___@texasbikesandcoffee_official @kn1ckster Feat@power_works_racing @cncracingofficial @scprojectexhaustofficial @kytamericas @dainesedallas @motocomposites @upmap