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yes, yes, its a big BIG giveaway with @bellesaco! were giving away lots of vibes and gift cards for toys! the wildest part is that EVERYBODY wins! all you have to do is: click the link in my biosign up with your email see your first gift discreet packaging and ships worldwide! happy vibinnn
hoy dorm, com higos y ya est el que me apresura pierde.
you might find everything i read last year if you swipe through hehe PLZ TELL ME UR MOST FAVE BOOK OF 2022 (thanku @rubyclaireee for letting me copy you )
sweetness everywhere I look!!!!
Junie says hey hi, stay tender
if there arent at least three different texture options at all times were not interested thanku
there are no cons that im aware of, so there u go!! be delusional!!!
i used to hate baths. and then R told me to add a little more cold water and a little less hot and i think about that often. i had to force myself to get out of the bath last night. not everything is complicated. which is rich coming from me.
i was very happy here and also a little cold but thats beside the point
A treat every hour on the other or I dont want to be here
v smart + v cute if you keep cookie dough in the freezer cookies straight out of the oven whenever you require them