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Jaci, wow! What a wonderful woman. If I were to give her a grade and review on a report card or something, it would go as follows: A++ Jaci is such a pleasure to be around. She always gives her best effort in everything she does. Jaci makes sure everyone around her feels loved and inspired. But I...
WE ARE HAVING A BABY The amount of love, excitement and happiness we have felt these past few months cant be measured. We are going to be parents!!! I couldnt be more excited to do this with you @nilla_leifers
Which do you prefer?: Photo dumps or morning dumps?
Happy Birthday to the red headed half of the @whatwesaidpodcast ! In our families shes only one of 6 redheads (including @lady_carlson). Anyway, shes always been wise beyond her years, but now her years are kind of catching up to her wisdom level. Like, shes still super wise, but the gap between ...
Holy sm*kes! #35mm #film #olympusxa2
spring tings #olympusxa2 #35mm
Testing out a fun little film camera in Santa Barbara last week #olympusxa2 #35mm
Have you ever thought about it? If you really just think about it, theres not much to think about. Just some thoughts to get you thinking.
At the beach with the girls
So proud of my girly! She hosted her first ever live podcast show last night Shes the perfect example of hard work, consistency and pursuing passion. So grateful to be motivated by her everyday
A few still frames from a little video I made of our trip to Bali this year go check it out! lynkindabio
L.A. lady