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I wear headphones in the gym but leave them home when Im going for a jog so I can be aware of my surroundings @walkersgsm disrupters banner by @sogknives
Longbeard XR Patterns at various distances @winchesterammunition
Got her patterned and ready for season! I always run my @otistechnology ripcord through after the range to keep things in decent shape until I can give them a thorough cleaning and as you can tell my ripcord also needs a good cleaning now
Getting ready for turkey season with @winchesterammunition long beard XR!
My @sogknives EDC comes in handy often!
pov: you find joy in making pouches for your baby instead of just buying them The @avidarmor and pressure cooker are items I use almost daily in the kitchen. They easily make my list of kitchen must haves!
Ive been making bread since August and I think I finally understand sourdough. Im a slow learner apparently I like to make 4 loaves at a time. I seal the extras with my @avidarmor I use the lowest seal option possible and then put them in the freezer. Stays fresh for up to 3 months! (Maybe longer...
Taking @winchesterammunition with me everywhere I go because with everything going on I dont like to leave my fate in the hands of others.
On the go or at home @otistechnology is my favorite cleaning system!
When people say cows are destroying the planet when really they are the ones causing the problem
Ready to break some clays this summer! Just need to find a league to join!
Owen is ready to make some maple syrup!