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I had a dream of heaven last night. There were probably hundreds of girls and we were arranged in like circles but in unique shapes and it was almost like a camera I could see as far down and then back to myself. We were all in white lace dresses- they were to the knee. I remember thinking how pr...
Through this challenging time Elijah has been very strong and handling it as well as he could be. Its not easy hearing your mom has cancer. He asked us ton of questions and still does, but we keep it positive because it is going in the right direction by the grace of God and YOURS and my prayers!...
Ive never done therapy before but going through a cancer diagnosis makes me feel like I want some some times Of course I have my faith and I trust Jesus but that doesnt mean Im immune from having ups and downs. Last night when I was getting ready for bed I felt super weird because I was thinking ...
Having a cancer diagnosis has made me spend a lot of time reflecting back on my past, looking through my life choices and seeing how God is weaving my story then and now. Ive been taking a lot of photos because I am trying my best to freeze time because only God knows whats ahead, but Im doing my...
As I post this Im day 3 out from my 2nd chemo infusion and today I feel like I have the flu. I made sure to get photos ahead of time for days like this Last night was one of the first times in a while that I couldnt fall asleep. I just kept worrying about the future and worrying about my ongoing ...
I just finished my 2nd chemo appointment/infusion beating this cancer and the biggest praise report to share with you!! Slide to the end to hear. My visit with my oncologist today she said to us she couldnt even find the main and large cancerous lump I used to have in my armpit that was even bigg...
I often think and wonder why I got cancer or what the purpose is which I think is a hopefully normal feeling and emotion. But what I do know is. if the devil thought that having this cancer diagnosis would make me fall away from God then he picked the wrong person. I know Im just beginning my jou...
I got a question the other day about how I told my kids I had (Im using in the past tense even though Im only one treatment in) cancer. I dont want to scare them of course, because it can definitely be scary and I get fearful at times. But I shared it in different ways for both of them because of...
Nothing wrong with a little glam & fun even while I go through cancer treatment Thank you for your kind words, messages and prayers it means so much to me. : @jordanquinnphoto
Being open about my cancer diagnosis has mostly been therapeutic for me and I appreciate all the prayers, kind words and messages. But the downside is sometimes people can ask questions that are hurtful, and not that sensitive. But I still would share my story and I still will be documenting my f...
I was in sixth grade in this photo and I remember curling my bangs everyday like that with a curling iron thinking that was so cool. Anyone else have that hairstyle back then? Looking back as a 12 year old if I would have known I would be diagnosed with stage 4 cancer at only 37 I definitely woul...