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Unexpectedly met some lovely new friends in the lineup for #FoilFriday, but luckily we didnt encounter each other any closer than this I see this group of manta rays from the air on a regular basis, but it was so special seeing them gliding under the same waves that I was pulling into on the out...
#WakeskateWednesday @SeaDoo #SeaDooLife #SeaDooGTX #wakeskate
Black Friday at Peahi was pretty wildIdling around the shoulder with @ernieblackphoto on the back of my GTX, catching up with some friends in the lineup, and then every few minutes, the whole crowd snaps to attention & shifts toward deeper water, 25+ SeaDoos moving in unison, preparing for a set...
Since Ive been in such a nostalgic mood this week, I figured Id dig up one of my favorite old edits I did, made of all my best wakeskating clips from the summer of 2005This was the first web edit of mine that really made its way around the whole industry & put me in front of some important eyeba...
This past week I saw my first whale of the season from the air, got to wakeskate thru several miles of glassy blue water, & scored 4 sessions at my favorite little surf spot around the cornerIts gonna be a good winter @MaverickHelicopters #FlyMaverick #Maui #Molokai #Lanai #Whales #Helicopter #E...
A few magic moments from yesterdays mission out to Peahi, an early-season warm-up for Mauis most skilled watermen (and women) to wash off the dust & ash of the summer and take part in joyful battle with some of most powerful expressions of force that the ocean has to offer I was fortunate enough...
Peahi woke up nice & early this yearIts gonna be a good winter here on Maui @seadoo @kai_lenny @teamseadoohawaii #seadoolife #seadoosurf #peahi #maui
Reminiscing on better days, out front of Lhain town. These clips are from this summer before the fire & it breaks my heart all over again when I think about how swiftly & suddenly everything changed Now we all have to help look out for each other, do our part to guide the future in a good direc...
Maui came together under the bright Ukumehame sun for a paddle-out memorial yesterday, to honor the lives of those lost in the Lhain fires one month ago. The last 30 days have shown a strength & resilience in the Maui community that makes my heart swell with admiration, pride, & especially grat...
Since you cant click directly on links from instagram captions & photos, this does take a couple of extra steps. I only know for certain that this works on iphone, Im not sure about other types of device1) Screenshot the images with the links2) Go to Photos app, hold finger on link in the ima...
Blue, blue, electric blue @SeaDoo #SeaDooLife #SeaDooWAKE @GoPro#wakeskating #wakeskate #wakeskatewednesday #maui #lahaina #honu #mauinokaoi #tunaikilo