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After nearly two decades, Wake is back at Xgames Ventura 2024. Returning to the California coast line, Wakeskating joins the worlds largest action sports stage for 3 days of shredding. No lake, No problem! Come watch Cole Kraiss, Bammer Rehn , Clark Davis, Andrew Pastrura, Keaton Bowlby, Nick Tay...
The North Pacific swells have subsided, the whales are gone, & Honolua Bay is full of snorklers instead of shortboards. Its always a sad part of the year when we say goodbye to winter waves, but even now as the last north swell pulses through, our eyes start turning to the south shore & the ret...
Yeah the boys @erosexarhou @briankgrubb
Sitting backseat was a change of pace for me, but everyone knows saturdays are for exploring new zones with the boys Such a beautiful clash of worlds to see healthy schools of tropical reef fish swimming at the base of a waterfall, where mountain streams drop straight off of a 300 cliff into the...
They say the best things in life are waiting just outside your comfort zone. At this point, I can agree with that 100% EXPLORE MORE! @SeaDoo #SeaDooLife #SeaDooGTX @FollowBrand.Co #MauiNoKaOi
The sweetness of the deep deep Blue @SeaDoo #SeaDooLife #SeaDooGTXltd@RemoteWakeskates @FollowBrand.Co #wakeskating #wakeskatewednesday #maui #mauinokaoi: @bucharapablo
Lovely little trip back to the home zone, with lots to celebrate. Overwhelmed with gratitude & love every time I go back to the sweet little sandbar I grew up on 1) AMI feels good under my feet 2) The family keeps on growing 3) Nephew Henrys first time skateboarding4) Making a wedding entra...
2023 had its moments
A lot of 20 year anniversaries happening lately, but Ive got one more today thats very important to me. BRP, Bombardier Racing Products, the company that brought us Sea-Doo, Ski-Doo, and Can-Am, turns 20 years old today They are my longest standing sponsor, picking me up when I was just a long-...
Happy birthday @AllianceWake 20 years of everything wake, from the early cutting-edge print mags that I devoured as a grom, to some of the best stoke-out videos ever produced, countless epic trips ignited, & even had a sweet show on FuelTV for a while. From my earliest days in the sport, Allian...
Unexpectedly met some lovely new friends in the lineup for #FoilFriday, but luckily we didnt encounter each other any closer than this I see this group of manta rays from the air on a regular basis, but it was so special seeing them gliding under the same waves that I was pulling into on the out...
#WakeskateWednesday @SeaDoo #SeaDooLife #SeaDooGTX #wakeskate