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Small habits lead to big changes ...READ ME That was me last year when I was getting ready and the only pants that fit me were my workout pants, and even they felt tight ...(watch stories to see what I mean)In that moment I knew I needed to turn my life around. It wasnt just how I felt physically...
another week, another digital detox completed! like + share if you're swapping addictive dopamine for REAL dopamine
mention a friend that is doing a really good job. sometimes they just need to hear it ...(here are 5 things I did in January that made my life more enjoyable) also psssst new yt video coming out today. lil glow upppp and we're surprising dennis with the new hair. Cant wait for you to see it
new hair, new WOMAN filmed a fun glow up for yt! what videos would u like to see in 2024? let me know
Sometimes you just need a day OFFLINE, here's why... it reboots your mind it gives you time to process and unwind it makes life more fulfilling and more connected you'll feel more inspired you'll feel more calm you'll feel more empoweredwho's with me?! tag a friend to be your accountability part...
I can't believe I am only a few months away from 30! Here are 10 lessons I've learned before 30... don't be afraid to be seen trying. let the worst version of yourself be loved. if God is not changing your situation, perhaps he is trying to change you. you're not distracted. you're just oversti...
comment your 2024 INS and OUTS here are my reflections from the first week of January ....#insandouts#2024#2024goals#newyearsresolution#january2024#yougotthis#selflove#selfimprovement
Thank you God for another year of life and many cheers to 2024 (see you on stories for more fun)
WHY I LOVE OFFLINE DAYS As a content creator, I absolutely looove 'offline' days! Offline days give me with the much-needed opportunity to detach from the constant lure of the digital world and instead, immerse myself in self-care, let creativity flow, and feel inspired beyond my phone screen. My...
moral of the story: marry someone who wants to do life with you and help you become the best version of yourself habit building is KEY to being able to be the best you which *cough cough* the Best Me journal has helped me with A LOT, especially as someone who as ADHD. Check it out using the link...
Merry Christmas y FELIZ NAVIDAD! last ones my favorite hehe (more cuteness & MAJOR chaos on stories) just warning you lol Tell me, are you currently snuggled up in your pjs or glammed to the 10s??
Listen, we've ALL spent hours mindlessly scrolling online.And its nothing to be ashamed of, really, lot of us do it as a way to decompress. Buuut what we don't often realize is that scrolling for hours on social media can actually lead to higher levels of stress, overwhelm, and overstimulation. ...