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Stewardship is essential.How you show up matters. I can definitely say that certain people stayed in my life longer than God intended. But the ones who were meant to stay I had to learn and still learning how to steward over them well. Knowing how to show yourself friendly, walking in the fruits ...
Great question but..I have soooo many thoughts when Im asked this question. But Im going to focus on thisI think its a valid question if someone is just curious but I also think theres nothing wrong with being single. I also know that I had a convo with the Lord and Im assured that marriage is wh...
Decide today.I often forget about how much God cares about me when I decide to take on my problems. God reminds us in His Word of how much He cares about us, how He thinks about us, and more. I have to remove what I think and replace it with His Word.Line up your situation against the Word of God...
Im in my auntie era so Im trying to have all the fun with my little ones all summer. @funbox is the place to be! They had such a great time and so did I! But Im also trying to see if my friends would be down to as well. Lets be big kids!@bouncedetroit #funbox #funboxdetroit #wordsbiggestbouncepar...
Whos in your crew?I believe that God knows what we need and who we need in our lives. I cant say that Im the best at identifying the wolves in sheep clothing. Right when I get excited Im like dang you were a fake!?! Wowwww. Its just life ya know. Who you surround yourself with matters. Jesus was ...
We are either submitting to the Lord or to our flesh. Our habits tend to reflect whats really in us. But I like the fact that we can change what we once use to do and transform into someone so much better. We dont have to let our flesh win. We dont have to stay or put up with things. Allow God to...
May is recapping just nicely. 1. Elijahs one 2. Its My Birthday 3. Yes, I did win 4. I graduated from ministry school 5. The Fabulous 5 6. With momma girl7. Bestie Photoshoot8. Career Day 9. Career Day table set up 10. Balloon set up for Elijahs bday #mayrecap #lifelately
Why just why#dating #datinglife #sdinginsingleness
Tag your best friend We met 25 years ago at church and have been best friends ever since. In honor of our 25 year friend-iversary we had to run it back to our Praise Team days (IYKYK). And its us still keeping our praise team shirts all these years We had so much fun! You can take the church girl...
Well actually Im known for cutting guys off with the quickness. But I also add a sprinkle of block too anyone else?#dating #datinglife #datingadvice
She's been waiting for this moment smh As crazy as this may be I had my friends with me the entire time of my birth. They were amazing and helped Brian and me for HOURS. My first was 32 hours and my second was 16 hours both home births and stayed and cleaned up everything with my midwife and doul...
What ways have people try to come back in your life? The craziest one I had was through a dating app. Like huh? No, thank you.Holy Spirit will check me real quick so Im like I cant take that bait my guy. Delete and block. (most guys Ive talked to that were a true joke are blocked so this scenar...