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People shouldnt take their friendships lightly. Ive learned a lot (and still learning) about how to show up for my friends and create a space where open communication can flow. Im not saying that Im perfect but Im willing. God is very intentional with who He joins together and its on us to stewar...
Even Jesus knew to do Gods will (John 6:38-40). We are to do the same. This may be hard to hear from some but your choice is out the window. We are to obey and do the Fathers will for our life. This is even in the little things of our day to day. I encourage you this week to be quick with your ye...
#ad The summer is giving me all the feels. I love getting out and discovering new things. I visited @annarbor to experience its food, small businesses, nature trails, and art! I didnt know about particular stores if I didnt take the time to explore downtown. I love that I experienced the food cul...
6 monthssince my last trim. One of the best feelings is getting a fresh trim. So glad to get my appointment in today. I couldve got more cut off but ummm let me live in this length Im seeing This is your reminder to get your trim in! Now let me get this twist out going. @beautethesalon #beautea...
Some of yall are boring. I said it. Being single (which I am) shouldnt be looked at as a lost. I know this came off kinda strong for some of yall. I just dont want to see people defeated in a season where they should be thriving! You have to switch your thinking and your words.So encourage yours...
Deciding how I will respond when life gets hard.I choose joy. #sdinginsingleness #choosejoy
Are your priorities straight? Ive been adjusting a lot and its hard. I want to do certain things but I just cant. That also includes just chillin. School is starting back and Im like how did I even do this last year? But yet here we are. Im reminded that this life I live is for Christ so I have ...
One of the top things God told me to prioritize was my health but specifically the exercise part of it. I work from home so movement isnt always happening throughout the day. One thing I know He knew is that exercising would get me out the house and get my body moving. I would start and stop so m...
Being single is not a disease. God is able to use us in every season of life if we let Him. You better go ahead and make impact on this world. Dont let your marital status keep you from growing and doing more. That thinking will cause you miss what He is doing for you and through you. Stay encour...
Maximum your YES to God. I found myself saying yes to everyone more often than God. Eventually you begin to experience burnout which causes you to not successfully fulfill the calling God has on your life. I had to get back to the source. Im like if Im not doing the will of God its not a priority...
Something fun during the Wrights African World Festival with @beautethesalon Mini twists can be styled in some many ways. Versatility while protective styling is a win -win. .. @beautethesalon in Southfield, MI #hairstyles #detroitsalon #haircare #minitwists #minitwiststyles #naturalhairsalon
Am I alone in this? Yooooo the struggle is real for some reason.The fits dont come together until the very last second but by that time Im late . But Im working on trying on things the night before lol And that food partwell I just think its always safe that I eat first before being around people...