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Pie and mash is London's oldest and most traditional fast food. We met up with owner Joe Cooke, great grandson of Robert Cooke, who opened East London's first pie and mash shop in 1862. Joe taught us how to make a traditional pie and mash, complete with parsley sauce, known as liquor.Would you tr...
Ever wondered how much a sumo wrestler eats?In 2015, Byamba, the late (1984-2020) world sumo champion, took us through his daily food consumption. (Spoiler: It was A LOT of calories.) Could you handle all this food? #bodybuilder #gymlife #sumo #Japan #sumowrestler #munchies
Geoduck is a giant clam known for appearance. But what does it taste like?(Bonus point for pronouncing Geoduck correctly.)#seafood #foodtok #seattle #clam #wtf #weird
Meet the rasta blending food from Japan and Jamaica. Come for the mouth-watering vegan food, stay for the charismatic owners.Izaba and Tomomi started TerraZen Centre together after living in Tokyo for 25 years, and combine their backgrounds with dishes like vegan jerk, karaage, and crunchy dragon...
Learn how to eat sushi, you've been doing it all wrong.Coming to you straight from the sushi chefs mouth, Naomichi Yasuda teaches you the right way to eat sushi.WARNING: Do not shake!#sushi #japan #tokyo #fish
These vegan chefs want to feed the entire hood. Meet Rheema Calloway and Ronnishia Johnson, The Vegan Hood Chefs, who run a food truck and catering business offering healthy vegan classics in San Francisco. The duo are determined to feed disenfranchised communities with accessible vegan food lik...
Pozole is the sacrificial Mexican soup that was (originally) made from human flesh.Chef Claudette Zepeda explains how pozole is a communal and celebratory food with dark religious ties, as it was originally made from with the human flesh of the Aztecs prisoners, and later replaced with pork when ...
Everyone needs a grandma in their life. Meet our resident one, Nonna Marijuana, who we roll out every Christmas to cook us space cookies. Looks like grandma will be flying with the reindeers this year.#christmas #food #grandma
The only recipe you need this Christmas: turkey meatloaf with a twist.We love Meyhem Lauren as much as he loves turkey, and that says a lot. He teaches us the value of good seasoning and makes an argument for turkey being superior to chicken.#christmas #turkey #food
If a restaurant recommendation is coming from a Michelin star chef, you know its going to be next level.Chef Jamal James Kent - of Crown Shy, SAGA, and Overstory - goes to Don Angie in New York City.#michelinstar #chef #food #newyork #restaurant #italianfood
How bibimbap should be eaten.Ji Hye Kim, chef at Miss Kim in Ann Arbor, Michigan, teaches you how to eat bibimbap in the traditional Korean way.#bibimbap #koreanfood #food
You can taste the history of Hungary through their modern take on classic dishes, and theres no better place to do so than its capital. In this MUNCHIES Guide to Budapest, host @jesse_burgess of @TopJaw discovers the city one bite at a time. Together we start at @rusticorestaurantbudapest to try ...