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Author: Rogue Justice. Senior Counsel @RewiringAmerica. Other hats: voting rights + democracy, smart public policy, entertainment & small biz.
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Where have I been you ask? All over! (quite a few things to catch up on) But recently Ive been making the most of the last days of summer at the @senzahotelnapa in Napa #TraveLynnStyle
December 6th is the Day to vote for Senator Warnock by 7pm! #Georgia
Lets send @raphaelwarnock back to the Senate! Sunday, I had the honor and privilege to support and vote for my Senator alongside our good friends, @ambassadorandrewyoung, Mrs. Carolyn Young and their family. For me, this race is about competence and its about character, and when it comes to that ...
Its time for a #GeorgiaRunoff Confirm your early voting location and hours, or request your absentee ballot NOW at, or at the in my bio. Early Voting is November 28* - December 2 Election Day is December 6 * 28, 2022
Good Morning Polls are open and its a lovely day to exercise your right to vote Remember if you arrive close to close, stay in line! If you havent already, visit (link in bio) to find your polling place, learn what you need to bring with you, and research whats on your ball...
Tomorrow, Georgians across the state will use their power by voting. Democracy is not a one-person job. It requires all of us to get in the arena and fight for our rights and choose leaders who have our best interests in mind.In Georgia, that leader is @StaceyAbrams Lets get it done Find your v...
Our vote is our voice and our power.Theres a lot at stake in the midterm elections. Our healthcare, our schools, our safety, our future its all on the ballot. Join me and @whenweallvote on #VoteEarlyDay to make your plan to get out and VOTE! I want to see and your #VotingSquad rolling up to the...
Tonights the night we bring a little joy to you Our @hallmarkmovie #WeNeedALittleChristmas premieres at 10/9c. Will you be watching?
#WeNeedALittleChristmas premieres at 10/9c on @hallmarkmovie Are yall watching?
TOMORROW NIGHT our @hallmarkmovie #WeNeedALittleChristmas premieres at 10/9c hope you will watch for a little early Christmas joy!
@flyandfamousblackgirls always finds the best photos! I dont know how they do it Lynn Whitfield photographed by Ralph Dominguez (1992).#90s #nostalgia #vintage #fashion #1990s #90sfashion #style #throwback #waybackwednesday