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Its the first of the month and Id like to kick things off by posing a question to you all. Whats your strategy? How are you taking time to level yourself up and maintaining a sense of self worth? Let discuss.
I know when people read the first half of my book, I see why they make think its impossible for us to exist in the same space. But by the time they reach the end of it, they can begin to understand the potency of our relationship. There were lessons life the universe had to give both of us. What ...
My boy Bosch! This guy has brought so much love into my home. I dont see how you cannot be a dog lover.
Expect the unexpected. Wake up every morning knowing you have a purpose and attack it. Life is literally what you make it so make it as good as you possibly can. If there is something in your life you do not like work a little more everyday to eliminate it and create a new outlook for yourself.
I want to take a moment, to honor a great man! My grandfather, Fred Robinson whom was amongst the first Black fire fighters in Richmond, Virginia. He was apart of history that symbolized change. Whats funny is, there is actual recorded stories of some white folks who were so racist when they res...
We all need a team around us to help elevate our success. Now, your team isnt going to become a strong one unless you have these elements involved. You also have to be a big part of what makes that team and hold yourself accountable as well.
My road dog Bruno in his favorite car seat.
Your biggest competition and motivation is to challenge yourself to be better than the person you were last year, last month, last week, and yesterday. Keep improving on who you are and what you want to be.
Competence.Confidence.Character | Are these 3 things in your arsenal? For my leaders and future leaders this video is very important. @myrongolden touches on some real key factors of what leadership is. Drop a if you agree.
There are a few monumental, powerful moments that occur in ones life that instantly bring an array of positive overwhelming emotions. This particular moment has left me extremely proud and moved to the point of joyful tears, experiencing utmost gratitude . I am barely scratching the surface of wh...
Youve got an idea cool. But how will you bring that idea to life and make it a real THING??
You can see and hear the frustration in his voice. He made so many good points on what failure and success is. This can be applied to so many things in life. Your perception of what they are shouldnt be anyones business but your own. As long as youre working to be better how can you be a failure??