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I wrote you a little Valentine. Link-in-bio. #TheLostArrow
Do you guys remember landlines? I dont! But that didnt stop me from writing a whole ass essay about them (and payphones!) today on my newsletter, The Lost Arrow. Check it out at the link-in-bio! Heres me in 2019 pretending to use a landline telephone while pretending to be @kellyoxfords intern. #...
A little know fact is that I started this whole @stanley_brand thing when I did a collab with them Holiday 2022. Youre welcome, America! Brands, are you interested in becoming a WORLDWIDE phenomenon by aligning yourself with my face? Email Hello@orlandosoria.com Photo: @nolasco_studios #orSPONdo ...
Today on my newsletter, The Lost Arrow, Im writing about finding the balance between too much and not enough when it comes to sharing information about ourselves online. Ive definitely been called too much more times than I can remember. But being vulnerable has also connected me with people in a...
Its been a quiet January for me on here and thats kind of exactly what I wanted. At the end of last year, I played around with the idea of taking the first month of this year off Instagram but I thought that might be stupid - posting is a way to attract eyeballs and thus more work. Given my finan...
Hi! Im Gay! This is me at the time the original Mean Girls came out. I saw the new musical film adaptation and really liked it. So today on my newsletter, The Lost Arrow, Im chatting about my current LETS BE SOCIAL renaissance as well as what the film Mean Girls has meant to me over the years (an...
Remember my cute little apartment in West Hollywood? It had two things my current LA home doesnt: heat and a landlord who *didnt* call me a communist. Find out all about the drama that ensued when I recently asked my landlord to follow the law and install the required heating in my cute little LA...
Im in a bit of a gratitude phase - you cant force those they have to come naturally and Im so thankful one came to me. I went to a party at my friend Jims the other night and was just reminded of how thankful I am to have the friends I do. Then last night I was having trouble falling asleep and I...
For me, drinking is OUT this year. Inspired by all the dumb IN & OUT posts Im seeing everywhere, I decided to go deep into my ins and outs for 2024 today in my newsletter, The Lost Arrow. Find out what I love and what I think is totally stupid by hitting the link-in-bio! I promise its fun and dum...
HARK! A January miracle has occurred! Badger Pass, a short 40 minute drive from Londo Lodge, has opened for the season! This place is near and dear to my heart as its the place where orlandDAD taught me how to ski when I was five. The Yosemite School (K-8), where I went, busses their kids up here...
Im currently in the midst of a really fun bedroom update with @article but before I get to all that I thought it would be fun to revisit the evolution of my LA bedroom. Over the past two and a half years its seen a lot of looks. I decided to switch things up because I wanted a king size bed (prev...
Its hard to look at this sweet little piggy and not feel guilty for not constantly petting her, taking her on walks, giving treats, or making her fancy steak dinners. I constantly worry that shes depressed, bored, and not getting the intellectual and emotional stimulation she needs (even though I...