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President Biden made history today, joining in solidarity with striking autoworkers outside a GM plant. Wall Street didn't build the country; the middle class built the country, and unions built the middle class!....[Image description: A 'Latest News' headline graphic featuring a photo of Preside...
Pay attention to all the junk fees you're hit with and you might be shocked by the hundreds or thousands of dollars you're spending every year. Join the fight for transparency and to bring an end to junk fees:
2015 saw MoveOn members make a big push to center economic justice in the presidential election. Even though Elizabeth Warren declined to run in 2016, this effort helped refocus democratic politics for years to come.Join us as we celebrate 25 years of progressive action and look forward to more w...
Junk fees are squeezing American families. These hidden and predatory fees add up to tens of billions of dollars each year taking money out of our pockets and putting it in the hands of big businesses. Visit to join the effort to end junk fees.....[Image descriptions:Image 1:...
In case you were wondering how well Republican governance in the House is going.......[Image description: A tweet from Molly Jong-Fast reacts to one from Jake Sherman.Sherman: 'F---ing chaos' ... 'a total sh*t show'Two texts I've received from inside the House Republican leadership in the last fe...
If it feels like we've been here before, it's because we have. Over and over and over again.......[Image description: A screenshot of Bill Murray in the movie Groundhog Day is captioned Republicans are holding the economy hostage and shutting down the government.]
Who could have predicted?'....[Image description: A tweet from Anat Shenker-Osorio. Turns out, letting the party that planned, paid for and pardoned a violent attempted overthrow of our election be in charge of the House wasn't the best plan.]
With new variants out there and a surge on its way, this move comes just in time!....[Image description: A 'Latest News' headline graphic featuring a photo of SARS COV-2 Antigen tests.Free COVID At-Home Tests Available Again By Mail COVID-19 has surged in recent weeks, and infections and hospita...
For anyone who hasn't figured it out yet: just about everything the GOP says is a bait and switch.....[ Image description: a tweet from Cori Bush reading: Its interesting how the GOP spent decades to overturn Roe on the basis of giving power back to the states, just to have their party debate a f...
But wait, there's more...New reporting has uncovered Clarence Thomas' undisclosed dealings with yet another billionaire, this time with the Koch network.....[Image description: A tweet from Ian Millhiser. Hey, guys, I'm starting to get a little worried that this Clarence Thomas fellow might have ...
For all of our 25 years, one of our bedrock values has been to pursue peace and avoid unnecessary wars. Despite saber-rattling and resistance from Republicans (and even some Democrats), in 2015 we went to the mat to see Barack Obama's historic Iran nuclear deal pass the US Senate. ....[Image desc...
When Republicans aren't busy banning books, these are their priorities.....[Image description: A tweet from Robert Reich. What's in the House GOP's latest funding bills?-An 80% cut in grants to schools in low-income areas-Up to 70% cut in the fruit and veggie benefits for the WIC food program-A $...