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Join us in calling on Congress to skip Netanyahu's speech. Add your name: (Link in bio!)
Learn more about Project 2025 and how we can fight back:
The ONLY way to squash Project 2025, Trumps plan for a MAGA America, is to defeat Trump in November. We have to get it done.
MAGA Republicans have been viciously attacking the LGBTQ+ community for far too long. Our bodies and lives are on the line, and we will not be silenced.
Actions speak louder than words.....[Image Description: Tweet from Tammy Duckworth: BREAKING: Despite claiming to support IVF, Senate Republicans blocked my Right to IVF Act. This is the third time they've blocked legislation to protect IVF nationwide. This is who Republicans are.]
Alito is making his extremist agenda for our nation abundantly clear. We need SCOTUS reform now more than ever.Add your name to our petition demanding Alito is held accountable: (link in bio!)
Juneteenth is a time to honor Black liberation and celebrate Black joy and futures.If you are not Black, its a time to reflect, learn and ensure you're taking action all year long. Examples of actions to take can include redistributing your wealth, supporting Black-owned businesses, putting press...
Its past time we prioritized our children and our communities over the gun lobby.....[Image Description: Tweet from Dr. Annie Andrews: We are a nation that values guns over children.]
Make it make sense.
The Court needs to protect lives, not wealthy donors' interests.....[Image Description: A tweet from Rep. Jamaal Bowman reading, We have a gun violence epidemic in this country. Far-right Supreme Court justices continue to make decisions that directly put our communities in danger. We desperately...
Next Tuesday, well be at the Capitol making sure Republicans hear us in person: We wont stand for attacks on the LGBTQ+ community.