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Birds-eye view of the South West Ridge of Ama Dablam Ama Dablam mountain is one of the more technical and challenging climbs in the Himalayas, featuring an exposed rocky ridge and demanding climbing sections stretching from camp I all the way to the summit. Standing out as one of the most beautif...
The mountain is only posing, but the challenge is all yours.Reflecting on a remarkable achievement: In 2019, while other fixing teams faltered, our team embarked on a daring journey from base camp to Camp 2, and then directly to Camp 4. Setting out from Camp 4 at 10 pm, I pushed forward relentles...
Just all of the adventures of the outdoors. Peru is Alpine Lake Heaven Swipe Over and see why you need to add it to your bucket list @josemostajo
Congratulations! @chrisbwarner is the first American to solo an 8000-meter peak, climbing the South Face of Shisha Pangma (8027m) the worlds 14th highest mountain in a 34-hour non-stop ascent and descent.Mr. Chris Warner is a professional mountaineer, leadership educator, entrepreneur, Emmy-nomin...
Outdoors, our ultimate adventure filled endeavor. @alexander_huberbuam and I set up twenty new pitches and at about 5800m, thats where our camp was. The rock was perfect. But from here on it changes. You can already see at the end of the videoBy - @daniarnold_alpinist
Paiju Peak is in Karakoram Range Mountain at an elevation of 6660 meters (or 21850ft). It is located in the Baltoro region near K-2 and the first Pakistani Expedition to the summit of this peak took place in 1976 led by Lt Col Manzoor Hussain (Retd) of Pakistan Army and famous Pakistani mountaine...
Tocllaraju 6034 mThis classic and fascinating Tocllaraju Mountain is one of the mountains that you need to have great skills and knowledge to reach its summit.Our last expedition to the 6 miles in the Cordillera Blanca, led by our guides @octavio.s.o and @eloysalazarobregon to guarantee safety, c...
Start of the maiden challenge while one of the mountain to gaze at. Grand Manaslu C1.By - @pasangnurbu14
The relentless craze of adventure requires relentless efforts to rescue as well. Everest Rescue 2023: When Nima fell 30 meters into a crevasse at 6100m, pulling off a successful rescue seemed extremely challenging. Despite the difficult conditions, we never gave up. With incredible teamwork, we m...
Chopicalqui 6354 mDreams come true A great adventure, super happy and speechless about the good luck we had with the weather. It was an ascent full of laughter and good times!! Thanks @verytoom @fernanrangbad @eloysalazarobregon By @andeanpeaks
The mountain that tests everyone.Climbers are traversing through Great Serac (Bottle Neck). @8kexpeditions @summitkarakoram @lakpa_mountaineering @climber_mingma_dorchi_sherpa
Sunrise climbing the not so Ingraham Direct.By - @bryceforesthill