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next sale approx late Octearly Nov 2023
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My first full color piece in like 3 years! I never really stopped using color consciously, but looking back I can see when & why I stopped.So far my new batch only has one other spot of color but depending on time I may try to add more.> swipe for some lovely detail shots Im planning a sale for l...
Im planning a sale for late October/early November! Ill post details as were closer to sale time. As usual, all pieces are one-of-a-kind & I offer international shipping. ....#moonrisewhims #moonriseembroidery #embroidery #handembroidery #handmade #dmcthreads #dmcembroidery #modernembroidery #...
This piece was a (very long!) experiment in not leaving dead space. A bit more maximalist than my typical style but Im pleased with the outcome! Im planning a sale for late October/early November. My first in an incredibly long time Ill post details as were closer to sale time! As usual, all pie...
work in progress
& we are SOLD OUT!Yall, I may have cried a tiny little bit I honestly didnt think anyone would buy anything or maybe Id sell one or two pieces if I was lucky. Please know that is not false modesty- Ive been so inactive for years & wasnt even sure if there was space for me or my pieces anymore. Be...
& we are LIVE!Please follow the link in my bio to make a purchase There are nine items for sale. Right now each is a one-of-a-kind item & when its gone it is gone.Thank you!
I love a detail shot
SALE STARTS TOMORROW!Hi friends! I will be launching my first sale in a few years(!!) tomorrow, Sunday the 9th.TIME: 2pm PSTLOCATION: link will be posted when sale is live FOR SALE: Nine pieces, as shown in the prior post. Most have more detailed stand-alone photos in my feed.
A peek at what Ill have listed for sale this weekend for my first sale in years Please stay tuned for times & details!
Hi, hello!Anyway, after a few years () Im finally feeling motivated to ACTUALLY start selling again!Im looking into some more casual commerce options to facilitate sales in a much more fair way so everyone has an opportunity to purchase. I aim to have some items listed by end of year.My future pl...