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We protect and manage Missouris fish forests and wildlife We enjoy chatting about conservation but will delete uncivil or profane comments
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Were dedicated to conservation protection and enhancement of fish wildlife plants and their habitats
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Caring for the Land and Serving People
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Be on the lookout for hybrid sunfish during your next fishing trip! We stock this species at various locations across the state. Find places to wet a line using our free MO Fishing app available on the App Store and Google Play. #mdcdiscovernature #sunfish
HAPPY FATHER'S DAY -- Invite someone you love out on the water and catch some pretty amazing memories. @take_me_fishing #FindYourBestSelf
Reposting this distinguished gentleman for #wildturtleweek #redearedslider Jill Pritchard
Whats better than a Fathers Day on the water? Invite your dad (or your daughter) fishing and reel in some surprising benefits. #FindYourBestSelf@take_me_fishing
Violet-blue flower spikes of pickerel weed stand out vividly at the edges of ponds. One of our few blue-flowering pond plants, pickerel weed is easy to identify by color alone. Emma Zahner
Theyre so talented Jill Pritchard
Be Bear Aware and BearWise and carry bear spray when venturing into bear country.
TUESDAY TWEET These shorebirds look like calico cats. Their bright orange legs stand out near shore where they use their bills to flip over rocks for food. They plump up before long-distance migration and are speedy fliers.Mike Blair
Pale purple coneflowers (Echinacea pallida) are found scattered statewide except in the Mississippi lowlands. They bloom from May through July and are popular for native landscaping. #mdcdiscovernature #wildflowers #blossom Kevin Muenks
Be sure to recreate safely this summer while out on the water! MDC agents will check if you have adequate personal floatation devices on board your vessels, so be sure to plan ahead. #boatingsafety #fishingandboatingweek
TUESDAY TWEET Enjoy these shorebirds in their summer colors. American Avocets migrate through in spring and fall. They sweep their curved bills through shallow waters and shake the mud off their feet while feeding. Mike Blair #tuesdaytweet
Black raspberries (Rubus occidentalis) can be found nearly statewide and as the fruits ripen they turn from red to purplish black. The edible fruits can be eaten raw or used to make wine, jams, jellies, cobblers, and more. Many mammal and bird species relish the ripe fruits in the summer and th...