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Golfs Original Championship
The 152nd Open at Royal Troon 14 21 July
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Keeping you connected to the people and experiences you love Connecting Changes Everything
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Details matter. One-line wireless on Verizon’s network for $25/mo, every month. No yada yada. DM us for customer support
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10/10 that was the coolest thing Ive ever seen
The most dangerous thing about the Cybertruck isn't the pointy corners. It isn't the blind spots or the blinding glare off the stainless steel in the sun or the way the front trunk closes. No. The most dangerous thing about the Cybertruck is how it makes everyone else around you on the road behav...
Universal pain
Shot on Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra
So you know how @colorware_inc takes everything apart and paints it and puts it back together? They do the Apple Pencil now and its so sick. Just dont sharpen it (Apple shouldve done this)
MKBHD x RidgeBeen working on this for months! Im joining Ridge as chief creative partner and joining the board.Honestly theyre the perfect partner to start making actual products. Big and experienced enough to have the manufacturing expertise to turn ideas into reality BUT not too big that theyre...
So Wilson made a $2500 airless basketball from 3D printing techniques. Usually my beef with 3D printing is it offers no real benefit over other manufacturing techniques other than cost and thats still true here lol but this is still pretty impressive. It wont be replacing a leather ball anytime s...
Every single smartwatch on earth should have snow shoveling as a workout type and I dont know a soul in the northeast that would disagree
A useful hidden feature of Vision Pro Travel Mode. It works best on airplanes
I know nobody asked, but two people on Vision Pro in the same room can Facetime each other and overlay their personas on top of the actual person... Ok carry on
In case youre having a bad day
Heres everything that comes in the $3499 Apple Vision Pro box