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Award Winning Nutritionist Reiki Master Mediatrained Mom of 2 superbodywisdom
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This was such a great conversation with @jimhuntofficial and @lyndad5850 about Reiki, the current Astro energy and so much more. Link in bio for the full vid. #whitenoise #reiki #healing #metaphysical #psychicmedium #reikimaster #leofullmoon #astrology #energywork #astroweather
When your kid tells you to share, you share #lifelessons #momwin
Since Jan 1, Ive been using the products in @madeleine_marentette @grailspringsretreat The Manifest Collection daily. It was created for your personal rituals of intention setting and manifesting. I wish you could smell just how delicious these 100% natural plant derived products are through this...
Lets have some fun, get heathy, be educated SO looking forward to having @mirandamalisani on this Tuesday December 19, 2023 9:00 pm ET #podcast #psychic #healthylifestyle #friends #
Choose your mood These Mood Rings from @bluboho are even more stunning in person 14k recycled gold, hand cut, designed in Toronto and exclusive to @bluboho As a cancer rising, I have extra love for moonstone as its helpful for balancing during the lunar cycles #gifted #bluboho #partner #moodring...
Held up some foot traffic and irritated some fellow tourists getting the shot #umbrellaalley #oldq #stillgotit
Cold plunging under a @villeanaturenordiquespa #glimmers
A new study has shown that just 4.5 mins of intense daily activity performed in 1 minute bursts throughout the day can reduce your risk of certain cancers by 32% This can look like: Carrying kids or groceries for 50-100 meters Vigorous housework Climbing stairs Walking uphill Doing push-ups minu...
BreatheUnwindRestoreLehlewa Lakeside Retreat is a hidden oasis nestled on a 3-acre lakefront in Sharbot Lake. The main house and cozy cottages create an exclusive haven. You can feel the healing energy in every corner, an intention woven into the very essence of this space. Every visit leaves me ...
Short bursts of intense exercise + eating the foods that dont slow me down + listening to my body. This is how I build strength. I take movement breaks throughout the day, I dont set out a chunk of time to workout. I challenge myself when I have extra energy but I never push my body to the point ...
Fuel up with clean energy thanks to this 1-Step Frappe from @blenderbites! You can indulge in the deliciousness without the hassle of prep, mess, or waste. With 50% less sugar, 38% fewer calories and carbs than the leading frappuccino on the market. Plus, its packed with functional and organic in...
Conquering Mom-xiety: Unforgettable dirt bike adventure with my boys! Thanks to @gopherdunesinc and @hondamotoca, we discovered a new world of adventure. I used to be held back by 'what ifs' and played it safe, but with Honda's commitment to safety, we embraced the thrill.We rode the Honda CRF se...