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_ ( ) anime date at Haydees place!!
debating on flying to chicago SOLEY, so that me fatima & Dennise can sit on an ikea bed display and listen to kpop together. no words needed, just an ikea bed & possibly some meatballs :3
waiting, begging, screaming for spring weather & some sunshine :/ gaaaah
all my current friendships are also still very cherished i hope that nobody thinks im ignoring them in any way, my life is so much larger than social media now
lalalala :)
:D me ivan chris and kaedin agreed to save up money to buy a giant plot of land where we can all live and grow our own food and be little creatures together ( there is no going back, we must do this )
in my baking era!! ><
. . very much in need of a haircut ~
a collection of (some of!!) my favorite moments c: woooooh
patiently waiting for the apple trees to drop floor apples for Misty Mae !!
` literally begged fatima to listen to this song yesterday, safe to say its my hyper fixation song of the week