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Lil #flashback on a this beautiful #friday The Big Ride 10.23This was our fourth annual bike ride to help end Alzheimers disease. Nothing but good energy. my riders!!You know we had to set it off n ride out to PAC. Happy International womens Day from us to you. Jersey LA #internationalwomens...
Its been a while since Ive posted. Totally was a mental day. When it rains in LA, its a little crazy lol. I definitely didnt want to get wet. Me: lets do thirty Lisa: No! Me: ok!Lisa: *just do15!My Hand: Ayoooshe said 15 got damn!!The vibes are always amazingl dont mind the drive Had to bring ...
Thank you @blackgirlsunscreen @usc_track_field for having me at the 2nd annual #BrunchinWithBGS event. It was amazing to be apart of this panel of inspiring women with powerful stories. @aprilrossbeach @nnekaogwumike #karencivil Today is #worldmentalhealthday and it is pivotal to have these conve...
Never let them tell you NO! As you can see, l dont listen #everydaystruggle
Another year around the sun!!!! Blessed and thankful!!!! This has been an amazing year. Ive experienced a lot of highs and lows and learned from them all. One thing Ive always done is consistently push myself mentally and physically to be my best. The only thing l can do is have control of my bes...
The Big Ride!!!! #endalz
Whewgotta keep this body happy, healthy and hydrated. @kevinhart4real definitely got me a little nervous seeing him in a wheelchair after he blew off his lower half sprintingcuz Im definitely not slowing down anytime soon, and its definitely time to race somebodys son again -drink up, roll out @t...
Greater Later All my dreams are coming true all across the board for some reason. ~ Jay ElectronicaDont ever stop Photo: @toreyxthompson
When youve been doing the work and it shows, inside and outMiki #barbie #healthy #happy
No music, no fancy lights, no hair n make up.Just hard work and dedication. Its been a two year battleso many tears, so many wtfs, so many idksbut Im gonna say l won. I dont talk about it much, but its been a long road and still recovering. So glad to have my hand. The mental and physical healing...
6.10.23 My mom suffered a stroke a week before this. Devastated. I didnt know what to expect. Didnt know if she was ok. I do know that I pray everyday for times like this. So many thoughts were going through my mind when l took this video. I was wondering what she was thinking, hows shes feeling,...
And Im gettin better year by year, like they say wine do -FabI had an amazing time at the @danceswithfilms festival supporting the world premier of @angiescurefilm