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Is it Cake Season 3 is now streaming on @Netflix. This season is beautifully bananas and the bakers are, unsurprisingly, out of control talented. Gather the fam together and watch this delightful show that has children who see me in public pointing and saying: Hi, Mr. Cake Man!
Season 2 of Is It Cake? is completely bonkers, folks. The best hyper-realistic bakers in the world take it to a whole other level this season. Very excited for you and your lil ones to see it. June 30 on Netflix - add it to your watch list pls omg thx!!!
Well kids, my dumb face and a knife in the same .jpg file can only mean one thing: Season 2 of your favorite baking show about cakes that look like things that arent cake is back this summer! All episodes drop on June 30th so be sure to add to your watch list.
in this brand new show IS IT CAKE? skilled cake artists create mouthwatering replicas of handbags, sewing machines and more in a mind-bending baking contest inspired by a popular meme and hosted by Mikey Day. your mind's about to be
Back on my bartending days, we used to pour beer straight from the barrel. But apparently thats not how its done anymore. @stellaartoisusa showed me the importance of a perfectly poured Stella and now you can try one for FREE. Claim yours at the link in Stellas bio.
March 18th.
This summer, I worked with the awesome folks behind Nailed It! and was introduced to the insane world of hyper-realistic cake creation and the mad geniuses that bake them. I also cut the shit out of a bunch of cakes with swords, knives and torches with impressive flame height. The result is a sup...
Merry Christmas to your feet, and to your feet a goodnight! @ugg #ugglife (Thank you @heidilgardner for being one of my fave human beings)
Vamos Argentina.
It was lit and dope to go to Salem, Massachusetts for a couple days and shoot a small role in living legend @adamsandlers love letter to Halloween, #hubiehalloween which comes to Netflix this October. Check out the full on YouTube or wherever you go to watch a trailer! Id post a link but I can ba...