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Traveling thru jump points isnt always easy! Happy grand opening to Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind! #waltdisneyworld
icymi thank you instagram for connecting me with my soul mate
all roses, no thorns
this smile brought to you by: science
those wontons live in my mind rent free #FreshEpcot #waltdisneyworld
laissez bon temps rouler
Fun day And yes I did buy myself the Mickeys Premium mask and I love it #waltdisneyworld
I forgot to post these when it was actually Christmastime so heres another photo dump from MK during the holidays (even though the tree was still up as of Saturday lol) #waltdisneyworld
going into 2021 I think I decided to be less ~curated~ and more genuine and real with my photos so heres a photo dump from today #waltdisneyworld
Couples who Food & Wine together, stay together. Also Im really missing these scallops and these wontons. #waltdisneyworld
Its my birthday Heres hoping that 25 is better than 24 was it shouldnt be hard #epcot #waltdisneyworld
I had a dream about DCL last night our cruise was 1 year ago this time and Im in pain throwback to better times #disneycruiseline #disneycruiselife