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3x USA 🇺🇸Freestyle Soccer Champion🥇🥇🥇
@thewffa USA Lead📈
Freestyle Pioneer since 2004
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JUDGES FOR PULSE SOPOT ANNOUNCED A team of absolute superstars will evaluate the skills of the European freestylers competing in Sopot, Poland between June 8th and 9th to earn themselves a spot at this years World Freestyle Football Championship: @michryc from Poland @daigorobeatstyle from Ital...
Introducing Michal Rycaj, known as 'MichRyc' a music producer, guitarist, and composer. His musical journey spans hip-hop, bossa nova, and indie rock, reflecting a diverse range of influences 'Keep Going' was meticulously crafted following the principle of Create your own melody first, then add ...
For @patshawfs #freestylefootball #training #jam #tricks #skills
Polish Freestyle - @mateusz_zwiazek compilation capturing the vibe and evolution stages of the Polish freestyle football community. From a humble online forum, this community has grown into a global force, inspiring people worldwide with its technique, versatility, and creativity. Yet, the real m...
Try it, its fun
Favorite kind of jamWith @kalaputkie @lotarfreestyle #freestylefootball #freestylejam #stillinprogress
New single On The Way Home from @coldbusted Bust Free 22 compilation. Out now in streaming platforms. #coldbusted #michryc #vinylmusic
The last three years of my life have been a period of changes, ups, and downs. Something happened that I once considered unacceptable I stopped striving to be at the highest level in freestyle. I had a feeling that I needed to take this step to break out of the protective bubble I had created th...
The first judge of Scania Freestyle Masters is no other than former World Champion and master of creativity Michryc! All European freestylers can registrate NOW through our link in bio! Curious for our other judges? Keep an eye on our socials this week! #heretocreate
Hey everyone, Im thrilled to announce the release of my new single, Shadow Archetype, which will be available on streaming platforms starting June 17th. This song takes you on a journey into the depths of the dark side of the human psyche. I also want to take a moment to express my gratitude to a...
@alternativesoccer & @panasonicpolska collaboration Shout out to @damiangawrych for making this beautiful ball @kubakokot for camera masterpiece @stopa_freestyle for this opportunity and great vibes.#alternativesoccer #panasonic #madetomoveyou #michryc #freestylefootball #beatmaker
Freestyle and my music in collaboration with @panasonicpolska and @alternativesoccer.What you think about this beat ? @kubakokot More videos from this series are coming.#madetomoveyou #panasonic #alternativesoccer #michryc #musicproducer #freestylefootball