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This weekend is Three Free weekend! For two full days (June 8th and 9th), you can grab a fishing rod, ride the off-road trails and visit state parks and other outdoor locations all free of charge.We hope many of you use this weekend as an opportunity to get out and try something new!#gooutside #m...
Im not sure if you were interested the mating habits of loons, but here are some fun facts about them!Did you know...- Common loons begin breeding around 2 or 3 years old.- They use physical displays and vocalizations for courtship and to defend their territory. For example, a male loon will sign...
We are all for summer fun, but even more importantly, we are here to encourage summer safety! This year for National Safe Boating Week, Michigan DNR and McDonalds of Michigan are partnering to show YOU how to be a safe boater this summer! Wear your life jacket Boat Sober Check your boat for the ...
Hey, thats not yours! Consider taking down bird feeders in areas with bears, or they might do it for you.Think about swapping for a bird bath, nest boxes or native plants to attract your feathery friends, not furry ones.#bears #blackbears #wildlife #michigan #northernmichigan #birdfeeder
Thrilled to share our recent presence at the Mi Healthy Climate Conference, where we discussed how important it is to work toward protecting our natural resources. One way we are doing that is through coaborations like this one with Saugatuck Brewing Co.As Michigans trout fishing season kicks off...
For the folks that get it, leave us your best sales pitch for fishing in the comments. Feel free to get creative with it .#michigan #fish #fishing #outdoors #detroit #flint #lansing #grandrapids
Spring is in the air and with it comes baby rabbits!Did you know....- Female Cottontail Rabbits can have anywhere from 1 to 7 litters per year! However, they average 3 to 4.- Litter size varies from 1 to 12 babies with an average of 5.- Female Cottontail Rabbits mate soon after their first litter...
We love how much you care, but its best to leave it up to the professionals.Please leave wildlife in the wild. However, if you see a sick animal, it is okay to take it to a DNR-permitted rehabber.Please check the link in our bio for a list of wildlife rehabilitators.#leavewildlifeinthewild #recre...
Who here likes hearing frogs at night? It's Amphibian Week and we're leaping with excitement (sorry, couldn't help that one)!!Here are two more delightful renditions of Michigan's frog species. Art by @sweetanniesigns
Fun facts about being a conservation officer. Did you knowConservation officers are allowed to have facial hair.Conservation officers partner with federal, state and local law enforcement agencies on a daily basis. There has even been international collaboration!Conservation officers are allowed ...
Ever wonder how fish get made? Then we highly recommend you check out the Wolf Lake State Fish Hatchery & Visitor Center in Mattawan, Michigan! Learn about fish stocking and check out the 23 live lake sturgeon in the show pond! The trails and fish feeding pond are open year-round. To plan your tr...