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I am woman, I am fearless
Just a @michelangelo_photography appreciation post, cause yall
Had the pleasure of watching @officialvanyvicious and @michelangelo_photography put down a beautiful set at the #imodels shoot
Another day , another shoot @michelangelo_photography @ilovemodels_miami
Last week we had an amazing shoot! Too many people to thank individually but we appreciate you nonetheless Like, comment and stay tuned for TONS of model content to come!
got my angels protecting me @michelangelo_photography #love #protectyourenergy #rawimages
and shes back @fashionnova set #novababe @michelangelo_photography
Had a blast with the team this weekend creating this video. Thank you to everyone who made this possible! Special thanks to @all_star_rentals_miami for bringing the whips through! Thanks to @ilovemodels_miami for obvious reasons! Lol The amazing @stonerjemz with the dope music! #photography is my...
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kissing & hope they caught us ..
#michelangelophotography #model: @champagnebratt Youre gonna wanna #follow this one #photography is my #passion #love the #life you #live