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Top , Middle or Bottom?!Please comment below -Products used @hairbond : -Top : Shaper Middle : DistorterBottom : Mattifier
Haircut blowdried with Texturizer Spray and for styling used Shaper from @hairbond -Top (Slick) vs Bottom (Texturized) -Which one is your favourite? Top or Bottom?! -#MensHairWorld #TheBarberPost #hair #menshair #barber #barbers #barbershop #menstyle #menslook #hairstyle #menscut #guyshair #mens...
Haircut inspired by @braidbarbers Product : Shaper from @hairbond
Close up 1 - 6 Which one is your favorite?
1 person, 3 different Hairstyles!What's your favorite? A, B OR C?! Comment belowAll styled with @hairbond
1 week ago @r.braid and I had a great weekend! On saturday @r.braid from @braidbarbers worked in our shop and did some mindblowing haircuts. On sunday morning we went to Rotterdamn to have a Sunday Chill Session with @the_bloody_butcher from @schorembarbier Besides he's a living legend and inspir...
Texturized Pomp / Quiff Product : @hairbond
New Haircut! 4 options...What's your favourite?! Please Comment below All styled with Shaper from @hairbond
I guess someone was creative with photoshopSaw this pic of Messi with the haircut from @mensworldherenkappers going viral on many accounts. What do you think? Should he do it?
Posted all these haircuts before, but now in 1 collage Which one you like best? All styled with @hairbond
Which one is your favourite?! Please leave a comment belowProducts used : Texturizer Cream & Shaper from @hairbond Model : @lieuweh84
Styling options! Pic from yesterday I showed a hairstyle with lots of movement and texture styled to the front. Same person, same Haircut, different Hairstyle. This time a Slickback with a modern twist... Products: @hairbond Texturizer Cream & Shaper