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Last day in Dubai #diving #trainingcamp #dubai #worldchampionships
Last week of training for the year!#2023 #newyear #diving #platform #olympian
World Champs Trials Thanks for the vids @ramoneminchero #diving #platform #olympian #worldchampionships
Best Day Ever #married
I am very happy and relieved to have been selected for my 8th WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS to be held in Doha next February This was without doubt the worst I have ever dived my 10m list in my whole career And while Im extremely annoyed with myself, Im grateful for the wake up call.Ive worked so hard this...
A healthy balanced @nutrigrainau breakfast before every session gives me the fuel to work hard and perfect my dives. This is how I break down one of my favourite 10m dives - a back 2.5 somersaults with 1.5 twist. Like all dives, its very technical, so I break it down with drills in dryland, in th...
This week I learnt 2 new skills:1. Layout full twist (full out)2. Layout 1.5 twistsThe focus with these skills is to learn to twist without pushing off my feet or my hands. I have to create the twisting and rotation from my body shapes and my order of movements onlyThese new skills are also build...
Better than yesterday, not as good as tomorrow #diving #progress #athlete #olympian #inward3.5
Just doing the work #diving #twist #athlete #olympian #workhard
The Anniversary of the loss of my sister always reminds me how precious life is and motivates me to make the most of every opportunity I have to live a life big enough for both of us
9 years without you is too long. I love you and miss you every day Kirsten #family #sister #loveforever