Melissa Joy Boerger

She has too much joy...must be fake" - Troll
Co-founder of @tastethecityapp ✨🍲👩🏼‍💻
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Nov felt insanely busy, but looking back it was still good to us
my boo thang last one is so real tho
It was a whirlwind of a trip but we had the best travel companions @amypassionate @adammichaelryan Besides my cousins beautiful wedding the highlights were: Scootering or rather watching @jon__solo and @adammichaelryan turn into two little boys while scootering. I think they found their new passi...
A moment for the dress
summer girl era unlocked
May b bae b
Flash Waited a year to do this trend
Another year around the sun
#7: when your partner uses an android so you have to send screenshots of the new emojis
January photo dump
Even though we all know its a highlight reel. I think looking back on all the memories from the year is a really good way to start off the year in gratitude Happy New Year everyone
Happy birthday to my best friend Last photo is how Jon looked when were dating. Should he bring the long hair back?