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Giant soft baked cookies delivered
Local delivery to JC HOB bangcookies
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little fall getaway to @littlecatlodge
This is not an ad, but an attempt to be invited to MDCs conference.Gone are the days of endless post-it notes of to-dos, Google vs iCloud vs Outlook calendar deadlines, reminders set on different apps, jotted notes on my phone of tasks mixed in with my grocery list. Monday.coms project management...
#Christmas photoshoots started in June for me, but peak #holiday shoots start now!
Onsen Eggs aka soft poached eggs - 60C (thats 142F) for 45 mins. For your ramen, toast, or over rice!
@nordstromnyc has a new Burger Bar on the coolest shopping floor, LL2! Coming in July.
testing with @bangcookies and @liptonusa
I had the honor to shoot @livekindlys vegan chickn patty: coming soon to a grocery near you!
I came to #Maui for work, but the job fell through - yet, it was exactly what I needed, like @aayjayees #guava strawberry pop.
#valentinesday work, are you a soft caramel, hard #caramel, #chocolate, or spicy #salty (chili garlic shrimp chip) person?
Took an accidental break from IG, back with more tacos! Thank you @sobre_masa for letting me shoot the love and care that goes into these #tacos and #tortillas.
We spent a few days making @kenjilopezalt + @seriouseatss homemade #alpastortacos, and it was glorious. Brief run down in stories.
Shooting @kkraders story on how these 10 #NewYorkers celebrate the #FourthofJuly was nothing short of glorious, check it out on @bloombergpursuits. @moonlynntsai + @heartofdinners takeout tradition is exactly what my family does lol, Im thankful for stories like these that make you/me/us feel seen.