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#publiclandspartner Public Lands is now open in Woodbury! We were so excited to visit and celebrate the opening as well as shop for some fun new outdoor needs we had. Our family LOVES being outside so it was the perfect trip to see some incredible quality brands + equip ourselves with everything ...
The amount of times we had to reshoot this reenactment because we were laughing so hard And no joke, we did full on baptism services with our church in our families hot tub growing up so it was not crazy that our playtime in the pool consistied of baptizing eachother in the name of the Father, th...
Its that whole opposites attract thing . We fit well together.
I literally avoid cleaning it every time and just pretend I dont know when I pull it out to cook again. #nastygirl
This is just an extra added layer of security to let everyone know that our children are not being exploited.
We had a family day date to @blacksheeppizza and it was the highlight of our week. They have multiple locations to make sure to check out this coal fired pizza joint right here in Minnesota
Ive got the perfect #fathersdaygift that is not only USEFUL to the men in your life but will probably also give them a chuckle.@myhappynuts has high quality mens grooming products that are formulated specifically for the male body to prevent sweat + chafing + odor (making it the perfect gift for ...
Just like Im in my own movie
My husband. Its my husband. I actually really adore his singing.
We had a day date to @hopebreakfastbar this week + it was . Im already a breakfast lover so this was just a TREAT. We tried a few things on the menu + they were all perfection! Plus, they support Give Hope which is a non-profit focused on helping people every day + bringing the community togeth...
Just last week, someone stopped @nathanielyancy at a basketball tournament to tell him he looked like @sterlingkbrown. They also share the same birthday AND if you ever watched @streamthisisus, both Randall + Nathan are big runners. They sort of have a similiar personality as well. AND just like ...
I actually LOVE the beauty in aging- what a GIFT.To be alive.And also mentally, I feel 24.Not like, maturity wise cuz I still want to be in bed by 8pm but like in mentality of perspective of life + thinking I can do anything as if Im not pushing 40.