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Thankful, just thankful Ive got a million reasons to be grateful, but theres 6 specifically that keep my heart beating. After everything thats happened the past couple months, this years thanksgiving just hits different. I find myself soaking up and cherishing every single simple moment of our da...
After 30 days, 18 doctors, 5 rooms, and 2 hospitals Im happy to share Im finally out of the hospital and on the road to recovery Honestly, im still trying to fully comprehend that just over a month ago I was in a coma in the ICU, fully septic, lungs filled with fluid, and recovering from a heart ...
Never knew a love like this could exist. Youre my very best friend, Freda Mae. I cant wait to be your wife Lol ps- were not married YET! Planning currently but we did a styled photoshoot and the pictures are precious
A little recap of the most amazing 48 hours in NYC with some of my favorite humans on the planet great food & even better memories!
Happy Fathers Day to the most amazing dad, sugar, and man that I know Daddy, thank you for teaching me about Jesus, golf, and the SEC. Youve always exemplified what it looks like to have a strong work ethic, to love like Jesus, and how to prioritize your walk with Him. Youve supported me and def...
Im still so humbled and blown away by all of your love and support @topfoxx will forever have my heart! These are selling fast, but you can still grab a pair using the link in my bio
Pride means something different for each and every person. For some, its a time of joy and unity and for others, its a time of confusion and division. I cant sum up what pride means as a whole for each and every person, but I can define what pride means to me. When I think of pride, I think of my...
Cheers to my freaking ride or die and BESTIE for the restie! Today was the last day of school and my oldest baby finished the school year strong getting not one, but two awards. Sophia Mae, to say Im proud is an understatement. You have shown so much growth this year, youre absolutely brilliant, ...
My precious Adaline Caye, I feel like it was just yesterday when I carried you in my belly. I remember the moment when I finally got to hold you in my arms, your first words, and your first steps. And in between all the magical moments you bring to my life every single day, I somehow blinked, and...
You are pure love and sunshine, sweet Addy girl. Your light shined so bright on that stage and you truly make this world a better place I love being your mommy. First recital in the books and many more to come
Just a little daily glam! Im far more productive after doing my makeup and no one can convince me otherwise products and shades are linked in my bio under daily makeup products & shades
A glimpse into some of our precious adventures and the memories weve made in the simplicity of it all I know life isnt easy, friend. You may find yourself in a season of heartache with no end in sight. Theres burdens youre carrying so well in silence, though each day you feel like youre failing. ...