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Daily case from @doctor.jgHistory: 65 year old patient presents with haematuria and shortness of breath. Patient is afebrile.-Findings: There are innumerable rounded radiodensities within the lungs bilaterally. No cavitation is evident.-Appearances are typical for cannonball metastases. These are...
Whats your diagnosis?
Whats your diagnosis?
Ring avulsion injury!
A 41 year old male presented following accidental ring avulsion injury to his right ring finger. The distal part of the finger was lost along with composite soft tissue loss.This is an intraopertive image of the finger following being inset into the groin flap! The flap was later detached and thi...
Bet youve never seen a Cholera case like this! Diarrhea projected at max speed. This is a 29-year-old that was infected with the bacteria Vibrio Cholera. He ate contaminated food and drank contaminated water 24 hours prior to admission and presented at the emergency room with the worst projectile...
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Fighting against COVID-19 together! Read the story behind this photo on @doctor.zg page!
Whats your diagnosis? How would you treat this?
What's your diagnosis?