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PR3: HIGH ANGLE MASTERY always top of the list for favorite courses to teach and execute. One of our students, who has completed all of our PR courses now, asks the question what's next for me now? Where do I go from here? For us the answer is simple, go backwards, PR1, 2, etc, practice and fine ...
Student running a @falkor_defense in the new @accuracyinternational comp chassis
PR1 Day 3 is always a blast! Class numbers typically drop as most folks can't take a Monday off work. So for the few who do, it's an experience like no other Incorporating all lessons learned from day 1 and 2, stretching the rifles out, verifying data and wond calls, reaching out to the mile tar...
What a time to be alive Day 2 PR1 yes yes YES! 1 minute of angle targets at every distance because true happiness comes from learning, being pushed to be better and do better. Hitting big targets. Hearing that amazing ring if steal, sure is satisfying but it's short term and false sense of ski...
1 of 2 @accuracyinternational rifles at PR1 this weekend. This class is great! Having a blast with them. The Drills. Learning. Competing against each other. Can't ask for a better atmosphere. #training #trainbetter
Not just a hammer at the target... but also provides a tenderizing feeling in the upper body region #300winmag
For a civilian application, this thing checks along of boxes lol for the military application... still needs some work. A little too proprietary and internal to ATN. But it's a legit start point
Directly related to our latest podcast episode ... we hope you're chasing your goals, setting up plans, doing what needs to be done even when you don't feel like doing it. #discipline #podcast #socal
Ole @schmidtandbender still holding strong after decades of abuse. Undefeated in the head to head with @nightforce_optics lol #siricantseethroughmyscope #isitfoggyinhere
You can't get upset with results you didnt get from the work you didn't do. When we built this course for LE, the core of the discussion was This will be the standard and we have not wavered from that ideology. For this course, We don't teach tripods, or supported positions. This is about unders...
New Year Resolutions.... how many of all jump on that motivational train? New Year, New Me Before we jump into Drills, marksmanship, etc, it's best we discuss the phases of achieving goals. It's not easy. It will such. You will struggle. And if you don't.... your goals aren't high enough. @tyl...
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