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???My new EP "Collabs"???
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February photodump @munchkin_yt
New life goal is to become a manhwa character Oh and saving a billion cats...
Its catdoge
Hey first time posting in a bit! I've recovered from my hermit ways since I was quite depressed after Mia passed away but I went out today to get my hair recolored and I feel better! Thanks @shinji.h.a.i.r (PS hope u are all safe and remember to wear a mask when going outside at all times! )
Mia, you were taken away from me too soon... I will always remember you... You fought so hard and now you can finally rest in peace my baby I'm so sorry I wish we had more time...
Fun fact: This is not Mia or Boomba check out @munchkin_yt And get ready for a surprise tomorrow!
#coronavirus is now spreading further and further including a number of cases in Australia and the US. When I took this pic I wasn't wearing the right face mask. It should be a surgical mask or n95 respirator which I couldn't find because they were all sold out! Now thankfully I have the right ki...
I'm at the airport which means time for my monthly ig update meeting up with @wengie in Korea
Boomba didn't win the legendary Griffin giveaway so he's sad. Maybe you won though! Swipe right to see the winners
When u aren't ready for the photo what a @boomba_munchkin write your best caption below
The winners of my neon pet giveaway are in! Swipe right to see if u won!
Mia this is not how a lady should be lying down