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#singaporeair A380 came back in town (only for two flights )
Refueling in the air
90 years old today
Started her career back in 1987 with #britishairways and still flying.36years old at this stage
Beacon and eggs
About last night...
Autumnal end of day light doesn't last long but its always a great show
Designed by #bombardier , the #airbus A220 looks like a mix of Boeing 787 and Airbus A350 and at the end, the result looks great !
Just found this on my hard drive !Back in the days it was absolutely normal to see an Airbus A340 and a Boeing 747 at the same time
#airfrance / #qatarairways choreography
#honeywell 757 flying Testbed The most distinguishing feature of the aircraft is the engine mount on the fuselage. The mount is primarily used for in-flight testing of new enginesThe aircraft is used to primarily test Honeywells new developments in avionics and traffic/terrain collision avoidance...
The length of the Boeing 777-300 is 61m It's funny how a 500mm lens makes it look smaller