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yall know we love our snackle boxes.. you know who else loves our snackle box?? @motherscookiesus #ad im SO excited to be partnering with Mothers Cookies to encourage you to stop and taste the frosting in celebration of the end of the school year! I would love to know in the comments below how yo...
to all the dads carrying the base, the middle, and the very top of their family pyramid.. we appreciate you. happiest fathers day @masseyjordan! you wear the superman cape in this house and I couldnt imagine molding our fab 5 without you #happyfathersday
never leave home without a snack
parker, jolie and baker have always helped with their fair share of daily duties around the house. with all the summer fun upon us, I am so excited to be partnering with #greenlight to start teaching our girls valuable lessons on how to smartly save, spend and manage their money with their very ...
first daylast day of school for my 5th, 3rd, and 1st graders!! we upgraded to a new front porch while these 4 kids sprouted a few inches. Brady finally lost some baby teeth and Baker gained the epic curtain bangs.. and we all celebrated the end of an elementary school era for Parker and JoI can h...
I love being their mom. each season with these five precious souls is sweeter than the last.. at the moment, im living for the nights they search for mamas tshirt to sleep in. life is definitely busy, and some days were running in a dozen different directions, but Ill never take the privilege of ...
a moment for this train and a moment for my husband. cant tell whos doing the most work..
HBD to our biggest baseball fan, brady jordan!! we might be a month late to celebrate you turning 7..but today was full of friends, family, and lots offun with all your favorite people. we love you BIG, bud!
exciting news! introducing the perfect duo for all your creativecupixelors - @cupixel + @crayola Art Set! as a family, we had such a good time creating with these #crayola kits- you can use the amazing #createwithcupixel tech but more importantly, you and your kids can learn from professional a...
the first time we walked thru this house with a desire to purchase, I was 5 days post op from a double mastectomy.. honestly the only thing I remember about our first visit was this empty room. I knew we wanted a place for all the kids to sleep together, but all I could really think about was the...
shes sherbet + B A E. shes s w e e t sorBAE5 kids + 4 dogs.. theres zero chance of carrying a purse at this point. @loopycases has been my mama solution for nearly a decade. diving straight into summer with this one!!!!! available in literal HOURS! 6am CST, snag it quick cuz sorBAE has zero desir...
MONDAYNIGHT VLOG with my family of 7! monday afternoons are usually the busiest of our week. club practice starts at 4:30p and we dont skip a beat with 5 kids + 4 pups until bedtime at 8:30p! drop off, soft pants, dinner prep, pickup, family dinner, showers while mom makes lunches.. and sometimes...