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the joe dart bass on sale this month only
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Let the beauty we love be what we do.
There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.
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one month of Older. There is a lot I should//could say.Making a record together in a small room with a few-ish mics was a tremendous leap of what faith was left after three+ years of Lizzy searching for herself in these songs. I am deeply thankful to her for trusting this process, for trusting th...
we wrote Older w Lizzy 3 months ago and played it on Fallon a week ago today. :0album tomorrow
bts of an actual dream come true <3thank you josh and the entire @jhspedals fam for collaborating on such a silly//special//meaningful thing to me. the tacobolt remains the best accident to have happened to my guitar-shaped sounds, and has worked its way onto nearly every session and stage Ive be...
on tour forever . ama
Older is one week old today. Thank you to everyone whos listened and shared. This song means a lot to Lizzy, Taylor, and me. engineered by @jh.believable mixed by @sarlosontracked at @nufferranch photos by @thenamesneema
the boys r out of town. @ryanbeatty w/@taylormackall keys@libramento bass@sambks drum@misterrichter lap steel@theworldisnottnuff pedal steel@masonstoops guitar // md@jh.believable engineer@silver_morning_mgmt tour
See ya later, 2023 !! Life really is a highway - lets all ride- and rock-on into the new year! here are yet another ten of the strongest chimps I have ever seen. #gratitude #2024
2023 1) @vulfpeck // vulfmon by the front door2) electric lady in NYC w/ @sylvanesso 3) IMYA+IHLY w/ @delwatergap & the BFBboyz4) mdd @ryanbeatty live sessions w/ best band ever5) Japan//Australia//NZ w/ @jacksonbrowne 6) dream guitar from @trevorb00ne // @ecguitars 7) made a record in the livin...
for @jannipanini