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We are over the moon to announce Evolver has been selected for the 77th Festival de Cannes as part of the Immersive Competition. Well be in Cannes from May 14th to 25th, alongside Evolvers co-producers, Atlas V ( and Pressman Film (@pressmanfilm). Come and give us a hug if youre in tow...
What a week! It was such an joy to be part of #TED2024 where we presented EVOLVER with Co-Producers Atlas V and Pressman Film @pressmanfilm For the TED edition we installed a large scale projection of the EVOLVER Video Edition which includes a guided meditation and the Journey of Brea...
Thats a wrap! Our largest glittery slug trail of artworks in Melbourne now comes to an end. Million thanks to you all who came to see Works of Nature at ACMI @acmionlineWe are grateful for the heartwarming responses throughout the run. its been a joy to see, affirming the deep connection with the...
Only 3 days are left to see our largest monographic exhibition to date at ACMI. @acmionline This is how it all started; weve been blessed with the wonderful work of the ACMI curatorial and technical teams. It took many moons of planning and creating this feast of a journey.Works of Nature at ACMI...
Introducing our newest multisensory installation, Forest Bathing Lupuna. The artwork takes participants on a journey through the rainforest into the presence of the Lupuna (Kapok), a towering tree hosting the Queen of Night, a majestic flower that blooms in the dark.Stepping through a waterfall t...
While developing the artworks featured in Works of Nature, we conducted a series of interviews with foremost thinkers on nature, life, and the more-than-human world.You can listen to these insightful conversations with renowned cultural ecologist and geophilosopher Dr. David Abram, Professor of P...
Creating Distortions in Spacetime introduced us to the wonderous insight that the Big Bang produced only the lightest elements: hydrogen and helium. All other elements, the building blocks of life, were forged in the thermonuclear cores of supernovas, which are also responsible for the birth of s...
One of the things we might learn from fungi is that to adapt and to move through this mess, we will need to form new types of relationship with non-human, more-than-human organisms, but also with humans, and across human ages, cultures, different points of view, disciplines. @merlin.sheldrake R...
These flocked sculptural rocks were part of In the Eyes of the Animal when we first launched the installation at Grizedale Forest for the Abandon Normal Devices (AND) Festival. The flocked rocks served as wayfinding, guiding visitors into the depths of the forest where they could immerse themselv...
In this space, the ingredients of life are made possibleIn a ceaseless cycle of transformationThe leaf has prepared for its meeting with sunlight, opening its pores,like hundreds of tiny mouths, to drink carbon from the atmosphereCarbon, which is created by you, filling the air as you exhaleUsing...
Nature is a generous teacher, if only we can manage to slow down and listen to its hidden wisdom, its underlying heartbeat.We begin 2024 exploring democracys delicately balanced ecosystem with @shafakelif and @financialtimes in Terra Incognita. Created in collaboration with MLF, the film features...
Things to do in Melbourne | Discover the magic of nature at Marshmallow Laser Feast: Works of Nature! Experience a mesmerizing journey that reveals hidden wonders, from majestic trees to the birth of galaxies.Immerse yourself in incredible digital artworks and interactive experiences that explore...