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Sunset in the streets of Ikebukuro
Back in Japan
Paris, 7 months later
This post is in Collaboration with Adobe. Here is my take on the @Marshmellomusics helmet remix inspired by the famous Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo. If you didnt already know, @adobecreativecloud launched a competition where you can remix the iconic Mello helmet, your way, with the opportunity of wi...
This post is in Collaboration with Adobe. Adobe is launching an exciting contest where you can remix @Marshmellomusics helmet for a shot at $10,000. To enter, head to the link in my bio and be sure to share using #MarshmelloxAdobe #contest. Im personally using Photoshop and Lightroom to create my...
Before/after Rainy night in Tokyo
Golden hour in the streets of Paris Loving the versatility of the Huawei P40 Pro camera #Huawei #Ad @huaweimobilefr #HUAWEIP40PRO
Summer evening in Paris Loving the low light capabilities of the Huawei P40 Pro #Huawei @huaweimobilefr #HUAWEIP40PRO
Ginza Crossing in Tokyo looking like a videogame
Sunset in the streets of Paris Shot with the Huawei P40 Pro and his wide angle camera, one of my favorite features #huaweip40pro #Huawei @huaweimobilefr
Waiting to travel again Also working on a few new presets pack, coming very soon
Happy to be back exploring Paris with my Huawei P40 Pro and my Watch GT2 that allows me to focus on my creativity and passion hands free Check my story and the link in bio for more infos #Huawei @huaweimobilefr #HUAWEIP40Pro #HUAWEIWatchGT2