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Slow down, sense more. Which words did you need to hear?.. Today is the LAST day to register for my four-week floor series:DRIP TRIP Whether you are team #floorislife or you are still #floorcurious, you are welcome. All levels. All bodies. Get ready to indulge Link to join in bio Note: Poignant ...
Ring in the new year proper with TWO @marlofisken workshops at the studio 1/15 Aerial Ooze starts at 6pm its always a treat when Marlo is able to teach while shes in town, heres a quick description to give you an idea of what will be taught:Make your aerial movement so smooth that people don't ...
We are beyond excited to have @marlofisken back for b2b workshops on 1/15 Swirl school is the name of her second workshop starting at 7:45pm on this date, we would love to dance with you for it heres a quick summary of what will be taught, the signup link for both workshops are live now! Schedu...
A movement enjoyment secret How can I stop comparing my present abilities to my past abilities - and other people?Heres what I do: Move gently until your body (not your thoughts) asks for more intensity. Savor repetition. Breathe. Use curving, spiraling movement to invite tissue hydration. Unfur...
Tomorrow!Is orientation for first-ever Handspring Helper ( for my non-pole people, thats the thing I pop up into in the start of this video)This move is highly-desirable for many polers. At the start of my pole life, after seeing it on YouTube I felt a determination to experience it with every ce...
Its easy to forget about this.But, when we are go-go-going in our movement, we might forget about the possibility or pausing and literally backing ourselves up,revisiting where we just came fromRewindReverseReplayRe-experienceBe your own special effect.Its simple, but, every time I explore revers...
Today, we had the privilege of hosting the iconic @marlofisken once again. Thank you Marlo for sharing your time, boundless energy, and priceless knowledge with us
What are they?1 2 3 4 Drop the name of any you know below. Bonus Q: Who do you associate with them?Q: For people who have no idea, make something up just for brain fun Asking for a well-seasoned pole dancer who can tell you how to do them but only somewhat knows what people call them nowadaysBee...
How about you?I do it in the gymin zoom meetingswhile writing this captionon airplanesin restaurants while everyone is eatingI do it to make old tricks feel fresh again.My body feels best with a lot of undulating. Years ago, I swapped out training that was aimed towards exploiting my end-ranges a...
A week in Marlos life? We dont always have the training spaces and areas that we would ideally like available to us. So what to do? Be like Marlo! She is not just an inspirational mover, shes a creative thinker (I know those 2 skills are connected) and sees the comedy in the shitty situations. Mo...
Name this move I crafted this travel pattern in 2010, for my first-ever pole performance which was also a competitionI knew there would be a long stage runway to a front pole. How would I get there?Walk? Too sketchy in heels.Crawl? Too predictable.Remix the vagina monster (as its called) by trave...
This is how to wash without a machine right?1. was supposed to be promoting my upcoming course, but instead, I made you a video about how I did laundry today.2. I do not know if this actually helped.3. I use eco-friendly detergent sheets (not a liquid) which are great for travel and the planet. N...