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We make hardworking exceptional jewelry By hand in the of NYC We are sold online at select stores Come see us and lets play jewelry
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1st Reusable Manicure & Non-toxic lacquer
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In one day, a random assortment or what the people who work here have on. On any given day. One time I was at an ice cream shop and I asked my scooper if she ate ice cream and she made a face that made it clear that she did not. I wondered how that would play out here but as you can see random da...
We did some sapphire animal charms too . They are carved by hand cute as can be they swivel too. When theyre gone theyre gone. Live on our website. One each. Do you like them? #marlaaaronjewelry
We are nothing if not focused. Jewelry that works and does different thingsrings that are locks. Bracelets that can turn into necklaces, vice versa....where I think I can see something in a different way that mostly keeps me up at night. But Im human and susceptible to things that are just pretty...
Zhuzhverb [ T ] UK informal (also zhoozh, zhoosh) and even tszuj!to make something more interesting or attractive by changing it slightly or adding something to it.Used in a sentence: The pieces of jewelry contained in this post are functional, over the top treasures that hold unimaginable ways f...
This date comes around every year and I stop for a moment, shudder, remember the moment, those we lost. Say a short prayer and then I look up and look around. Because you cant go anywhere in this city without building happening. We build and we rebuilt after 9/11 like maniacs. Like New Yorkers. A...
Watermelon is rich in an amino acid called citrulline that may help move blood through your body and can lower your blood pressure. I hope my styling videos have the potential of doing the same for you. The more you know......and the more things work. Like here...earring becomes charm with the ad...
I come to you, heart in hand. #marlaaaronjewelry
I was struck by the poetry of a female pearl diver gathering these off the coast of Maine. We let them sit for a bit after i got them on a magical visit to @assaelpearls one of the premier pearl purveyors. Being different sizes, colors and shapes and some almost as tiny as a poppy seed it was a ...
The movement and function of a Pulley is what compelled us to make one. While fun to simply play with as a charm, the Pulley is also functionala chain can be added at any length to add additional charms OR to change the length of a necklace. But to simply roll it in your hands, swivel it around, ...
The All Inlay Series began as a total experiment answering the question, can we REALLY inlay the entire piece and still retain functionality? Yes we can. Inlay is the act of cutting individual stones to fit into small compartmentsthe stones are then cemented into place. Its an ancient technique...
Self Involved Signet Ring and Rolling Spheres in a variety of stones and gold. They move. I took this idea to my team as a tennis ball in a box because that was the functionality I wanted. Once you feel them you will literally demand more from your rings. Which may or may not be fair only you kno...
Stoned Loops. The thing you might not even know you needed until you see it. We offer an option of our Loops stoned with diamonds. You can have them stoned on our strands or you can bring us your strands of pearls or whatever you have lying around that you love and we will add them. We love them ...