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We make hardworking exceptional jewelry By hand in the of NYC We are sold online at select stores Come see us and lets play jewelry
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One Lock.A bunch of ways.Lets get into it.Allstone Chubby Babylock in platinum and diamonds. For the minimalists and the maximalists and everyone in between. #marlaaaronjewelry
Something new here nestled in.can you see it? Also something very old all the rings are on my grandfathers old receipt stabber that sat on his desk in his office and I took for my desk. Happy Friday. And thanks for all the love about our new pouches yesterday. You guys are the best. Seriously.
If youre new here. Its story time. I started the business in a tiny room in my house. It was all insane. When it started growing and I didnt have a safe, I cut up old books and put the jewelry in those. That is the first image you are seeing. Obviously this shot is staged because someone found t...
An oldie but a goodie. Shout out to @fierce_spa_ for the creative use of our Babylock on my nail. Yes its real. Yes it stayed on. #marlaaaronjewelry
Everyone meet KitKat and join us in congratulating her on her wedding and have a look at the beautiful version of our earrings we made for her! @justasiligirl #marlaaaronjewelry #marlaaaronearrings
I just felt like you needed to see this again. Its been a minute. The Everything Box came to be after many many many people asked us to recreate what we made in our showroom for the jewelry so they could take it home. On the inside of the box it says This is a box for everything you love, want to...
To all my work colleagues Im kidding. I promise! I love our meetings #marlaaaronjewelry #meeting
Story time. About our Crosslock. Which began with a request from dear friend and customer @reedmorano . Btw she did not ask me to make anything for the 2018 Met Gala she wanted to wear things we already had but then I had an idea and I do find those hard to let go of sometimesThe theme was the Ca...
Everything is blooming most recklessly; if it were voices instead of colors, there would be an unbelievable shrieking into the heart of the night. Warner Maria Rilke Ombre sapphire Allstone Chubby Babylocks on gold Heavy Curb chains. One Talking ChainSam . Background Bloomsbury Garden by Timorous...
It is all jewelry and we are very proud of the fact that we make things functional things!!!at lots of different prices for all kinds of people. Because jewelry is for every body. We even dapple a bit in the crazy. Its been a while since we shared this with you.Imagine someone hands you a bag of...
Same idea as yesterday, vastly different pieces. Crazy pieces. Hand engraved pieces that work. Pave tiny charms that swivel and are meant to be worn in piles. Extravagance but also dare I say it ? Yes I douseful. All the things at once. More in stories. #marlaaaronjewelry
Never ever . Not a single day. A little different every day. Like making a a beloved dish without a recipe its always tweakable. It can always be better, be different, be more. This is what we want you to do with your jewelry. #marlaaaronjewelry