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Award winning wildlife photographer and author See my coffee table photography book
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Winter is coming. Or it is already where you are ? How is your winter ? #winteriscoming
Happy New Year. What will you do differently this year ? #newbeginning #markodimitrijevic
Gift idea for your wildlife lovers
Gift idea ? Remember my book BIG! Perfect for lovers of wildlife and nature. Check it out
We usually think of leopards as apex predators. And in most cases they are, only backing down in front of lions But that would be forgetting about hyenas. Most of the time we think of hyenas as scavengers. That would be forgetting that they are formidable hunters and powerful predators on their o...
I am very happy that two of my images were highly honored in the Nature Best Photography International Awards. Nature Best Photography is a photo magazine focused on wildlife. It is large format and printed on beautiful paper. I highly recommend it if you love wildlife. This large iguana was in a...
There is something surreal about the monumental statues called Moai found on Rapa Nui (Easter Island ). I remember sitting for a long time admiring them. Why were they built ? How were they built ? Why did their civilization collapse ? Photos by Marko Dimitrijevic. #monumental #markodimitrijevic
In Levanzo , a small island of only 450 inhabitants , is located a cave that contains extraordinary engravings and drawings. 12,000 years ago the island was attached to the much bigger island of Sicily. Hunters lived nearby and hunted deers and buffalos. One of them drew this engraving using ob...
This summer I went back to the Aeolian islands. This is one of my favorite spots in the Mediterranean Sea. On a calm morning I paddle boarded around this islet called La Canna. Just off Filicudi. The islet is 71m / 230 ft tall and was created by a volcanic eruption. Just breathtaking. #aeolianisl...
What emotion can you feel in this elephants eye? Photography by Marko Dimitrijevic. #animalemotions #biganimalsbigemotions #markodimitrijevic #elephants
I did quite a lot of work in Black & White lately. Hope you like these new images. I fell leopards are particularly interesting in B&W what do you think ? Photography by Marko Dimitrijevic. #wildlifeplanet #bwnature #lopard #leopardo #leopards
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