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Greetings from the #frenchriviera! (is it just me or are the views giving postcard?) T-1 day before the start of the #cannesfilmfestival!!
3 generations today I celebrate all of your love & strength. You are my heart & sunshine. I wouldnt be half the person I am without your love & support. Las amo! #happymothersday #felizdiadelamadre
Woke up w/ 22 playing in my head. Thank you to all the friends new and old that made this year unforgettable!! Here are some of my fave #nyc adventures of this year including when my eye got swollen from a random allergic reaction while we were stranded in the sketchiest of stations feeling extr...
enough star power to get through finals Summer, here I come! #nyu #collegelife
Heres to turning 21 on 4/21! Its been one crazy life so far but Im grateful to be where Im at. To all the people that have made this ride worthwhile: Thank you from the bottom of my heart Youre the cherry on top - Memories from #paris
Buon anno a tutti dall'italia #auguri 2021, thank you for all the blessings & lessons.. for every milestone, every dream come true, every smile, and every sign of progress. Thankful for all the new friends and adventures. Wishing this new year ages like fine wine, 2022 its your time to shine #ha...
The minute you stop trying to control the storm marks the moment you learn to dance in the rain Dont waste your energy trying to change the things you have no control over. Instead, take responsibility for building your life and doing the work to become the version of yourself that would make y...
When you cant find the sunshine be the sunshine. #Summer Traveling through #zoom backgrounds till further notice
#happyfathersday to the two men who mean the world to me. My dad & my #grandpa So grateful to have you in my life. Papi, thanks for showing me that its never too late to grow, that life is an adventure, and for that very reason you cant take it too seriously. You dont know how much I appreciate ...
Nothing can dim the light which shines from within. Move through the shadows. Be a beacon of light to illuminate. #mayaangelou #stillwellrise #standup
Orange I glad to see you!! Whats one thing that genuinely makes you smile?
Read the end!! In honor of #graduatetogether my graduation pics! (jk this is from an acting job I filmed a few months back ) I mightve graduated under some extraordinary circumstances but thanks to #tnt I got to walk on stage ( s/o @tntdrama for coming through) In all seriousness this last ...