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1st in person assembly in Colorado! #jw #jwfriends #family
Spring Snowboarding #breckenridgecolorado #breckenridge #snowbording #snowboard
Cruising down a Black Diamond #snowboarder #snowbording #keystone #coloradoadventures #coloradoliving
Did my 2nd and 3rd 14er today! in one baby LETS GO!!!Grays & Torreys Trailhead was no joke #graysandtorrys #hike #hiking #hikingadventures #colorado #coloradomountainclub #coloradomountains #trailhead #adventure #explorer
Learn to Detach Detachment doesnt mean you own nothing.It means that nothing owns you. I was given a very important advice recently to Keep your eye simple. When you do, youll start to realize the moreImportant things in life and prioritize them more often.
Bam! Its official! 1st ever 14er at Mt. BeirstadtElevation: 14,065 ftThis was was brutal but at the same time so much fun hiking this with a bunch of friends.
Im very excited and honored to be featured on Business From Home! Were still pre-lanching our organization in the United States and Im blessed to have an amazing team to work with.
I love Houston!Its been a while since I posted on IG and I realized I never posted a mirror selfie so here you go!
Throw back to one of the most beautiful places in the entire world. Beautiful people, sceneries, activities and food! Cant wait to go back! Have you been to Maui, Hawaii before?
I talked to a friend in Ukraine today and its crazy to see what theyre all going through. It was so faith strengthening and encouraging to see how strong her belief is in Jehovah and the hope we have from the Bible. Equanimity: mental calmness, composure, and evenness of temper, especially in a...
2 Important Lessons from this hike: 1. To appreciate the beauty of a snowflake its necessary to stand out in the cold. 2. Dont forget your snowshoes when hiking in deep snow! Whatever winters youre dealing with in your life right now, theres beauty and opportunities in the obstacles. #perspective
Wanna Join? Burned over 1,000 calories in almost 1,500 elevation gain through snow, ice, and mud. All I kept thinking about was the word P.U.S.H. Persist UntilSuccessHappens